Friday, June 21, 2013

YA TV: Teen Wolf

Hello. I'm Amy aka Kissed by Ink, and I am a Teen Wolf addict.
I said it.

I remember watching the original Teen Wolf movie, produced in 1985 and starring Michael J. Fox. The movie is nothing like the new series. For those of you who haven't seen the original movie, it's light and humorous...

Unlike it's predecessor, the Teen Wolf show is dark and can be bloody at times. Teen Wolf is no longer about a hybrid human-werewolf boy who plays basketball, rather the MTV story line revolves around teen werewolves who play lacrosse and fight other supernatural beings. There are now shapeshifters, alpha packs, werewolf hunters and lots of romance to be found in Beacon Hills, California.

Alison and Scott love each other, but in order to protect themselves from those around them, they can't be together. Sound familiar? I can draw so many parallels between Teen Wolf and my favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the most obvious is the love between the hunter and the hunted. Not to mention that Bianca Lawson, a slayer introduced in Season 2 of Buffy, makes an appearance as a guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School.

Season 3 began a couple of weeks ago and the cast has changed a bit. There have been a few additions and deletions, but the core group still remains.
Crystal Reed: Photo courtesy of MTV

Dylan O'Brien: Photo courtesy of MTV

Tyler Hoechlin: Photo courtesy of MTV

Holland Rolden: Photo courtesy of MTV

Tyler Posey: Photo courtesy of MTV

Season 3 promises to be even more exciting, what with the addition of this alpha pack and all. The question still remains--will Scott and Alison be together in the end?

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