Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Author Media: Do You Tumble?


I was participating during one of YALitChat's twitter chats and an intern, I can't remember from where, had mentioned all the teens hang out on tumblr.

My first reaction? Great, another social media site to suck up my time.

But since I write YA fiction, I knew I had to give it a go.

At first, I didn't get it. All I did was reblog posts (think re-tweets) and searched for pics of Gossip Girl. What made teens love tumblr so much? Isn't pinterest the same thing?


This is a screen print of a tumblr profile called Maudegirly

Does it remind you of anything? For me, it does. Look at the next pic.

This is a notebook from high school that two of my best friends and I wrote notes in. We'd each write a note, then pass the book on. The cover is covered in quotes cut from magazines, words, pictures from movies--I'm not sure why David Letterman is on there--and everything important to us. Love. Lust. Obsession. Dirty Dancing.
Tumblr reminds me of a giant sketchbook. It's a place where you can post any and everything.

So what does that mean for authors?

It means, express yourself to your readers. Find art, quotes, pics that represent your work, even fan made, re-blog important events, post inspiration, be yourself.

To give you a head start, I posted a few author tumblrs, including myself. Check them out and start tumbling. If you have a profile, post the link below!


  1. I'm on Tumblr but I so often forget I have it. I need to get over there.

  2. I know a lot of my friends have Tumblr but I don't use it at all. When I hang out with my friends they show me all the funny posts or link them to me so I don't miss too much! I guess I'm weird as a teen since I only use Twitter and Instagram frequently. I think it's cool that authors try to branch out to their readers so much.


    1. So the rumors are true! lol I don't think it's weird. Social media can be a time suck.

  3. I kind of love Tumblr! I do like photosets and the ability to post so many pics. Also love how easy it is to reblog. Mostly, I could get lost in scrolling through other peoples pics and posts... it's nicely visual, but not completely so.

    Thanks for the post, Eliza!

    1. The visual aspect of Tumblr is what draws me in. I love all the gifs and quotes.

  4. Tumblr is actually where all the teens and us younger folk hang it. I love it, and the authors that I follow on there have some great tumblrs. I love that it's so photo focused.

    Here's mine: http://whimsicallyours.tumblr.com/

    1. I remember when I was considered young folk, but wait, isn't 33 the new 18? O.o

  5. I keep thinking I shouldn't feel so old and out of touch at 34, but I do. Thank you. Now I get it. I appreciate you translating tumblr into "old people" for me. Now if only someone can do the same thing for me and Twitter.