Tuesday, July 16, 2013

YA Movies & More: Green Means Go!

Last time I talked about what it means for a movie to be ‘optioned’ and this week we’re moving into the next phase, the Green-light. This is when a project can finally move into pre-production. There are three parts in a production: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Pre-production is the planning stage, the time when the screenplay is (hopefully) set, a director and principal cast members are set and the films budget is set.

From Wikipedia - During pre-production, the script is broken down into individual scenes and all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified. An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the necessary elements to be available to the film-makers at the appropriate times. Sets are constructed, the crew is hired, financial arrangements are put in place and a start date for the beginning of principal photography is set. At some point in pre-production there will be a read-through of the script which is usually attended by all cast members with speaking parts, the director, all heads of departments, financiers, producers, and publicists. 

Once all of the planning is done and all those involved are on-board and ready to go, the film can then move into the production phase where the actual filming takes place. I’ll talk a little more about the production phase later, but I wanted to share one final thought with you. Recently, my husband and I have watched a string of bad movies. I won’t tell you what they were because maybe you liked any or all of them, but the other night was the first time in several years that we actually shut off a movie before it was even half over. We usually stick it out and try to see if it will get better, but this particular film got worse with every scene and we just couldn’t keep watching it.

I’m commenting on this because I’ve noticed the same things with a few books I’ve read lately. I pick them up but just can’t seem to get into them. With the books, I’ll try to read them again later. But with the movies, I’d probably change the channel if they showed up on TV.

~ Laura

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