Friday, July 12, 2013

YA Stands Twitter Chat- Tonight!

Hello, readers! Tonight is our Twitter chat, and we have some great things (including giveaways!) planned for you. The YA Stands bloggers will be on the #YAStands hashtag tonight at 10pm Eastern time. Some of our authors have a few surprises planned, so definitely show up and come prepared to talk books!

Also, we want to get your feedback on when is the best time for the Twitter chat going forward. We'd love for you to fill out the 3 questions in the poll to the right! Feel free to give suggestions, and let us know if you'd rather have topic-specific chats, or just a book-people free-for-all!

Finally, we have 1 opening on the blog for an agented writer, published author, or industry professional. If you want to be part of YA Stands, please email me at katebrauning(at)gmail(dot)com by the end of the day Sunday.

Thanks so much for reading, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the chat tonight!

#AmReading: PAPER TOWNS by John Green and ONE by Leigh Ann Kopans

#AmListening: My new music craze is the band Passenger. Can't get over "The Last Unicorn" and "Wide Eyes."

#AmWriting: I hit 55,000 words in the WIP yesterday-- I'd love to hit 60k today. We'll see!

Now-- how about you?


  1. I discover the problem of living in England. I'm only here for the summer, so I'm experiencing sudden sympathy for all the people who do this full-time. Have fun, though!! I would totally stop by if I were home in the US. :)

  2. I join in chats on writing whenever I happen by them, but being in Australia and too lazy to check time zones, I take them on randomly.