Friday, July 5, 2013

YA TV: Twisted

You may remember him from his not so recent jaunt on VIctorious, but Avan Jogia plays an entirely new type of character on the ABC Family show Twisted.

Avan plays Danny Desai, a sixteen year-old troubled boy who tries reconnecting with two childhood friends upon his return from being jailed for five years. Seeing that he murdered his aunt when he was eleven, he is quickly fingered as the prime suspect when a classmate is found murdered in her home.

Not only is Danny shunned by his classmates and the community, but his mother struggles to deal with how she fits into their hometown what with being a new widow.

Jo and her former best friend Lacey are also struggling. Neither wants to be known as a murderer's best friend, both have found new friends, and Danny returns wanted things to be like they were when they were kids.

Only four episodes into this new show and I'm hooked! I love the mystery mixed with your typical angsty teen drama.

(Thanks to for the cast photos.)

 Maddie Hasson
Jo Masterson
 Kylie Bunbury
Lacey Porter
 Denise Richards
Karen Desai
 Grey Damon
Sam Robards 
Kyle Masterson
 Kimberly Quinn
Tess Masterson
 Ashton Moio
Avan Jogia
Danny Desai


  1. I saw the first episode of this show, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not but maybe I'll catch up on the DVR. I like the plot set up of this show

  2. After watching the pilot episode, I felt the same. The story line has definitely added some meat to it and I have stopped thinking about Avan as his character on Victorious. I'll admit that was a weird transition for me:)