Friday, July 19, 2013

YA TV: The Vampire Diaries

1897 Bram Stoker wrote Dracula.
1991 LJ Smith published book #1 in The Vampire Diaries series, The Awakening.
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, featuring Kristy Swanson, was released on the big screen.
1997 Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired on the WB and ran for 7 seasons.
2005 Stephenie Meyer published Twilight.

Bram Stoker may have brought us out first vampire tale, but it was LJ Smith who brought us our first taste of the modern vampire. Unfortunately, her series didn't become popular until after Buffy and Twilight became HUGE in both the book and movie world. 

I am going to totally date myself here, but I was in high school when The Vampire Diaries was published. From my experience, nobody was reading vampire stories back then. There wasn't really the audience for a TV series of this type back then either. 

The fact that The Vampire Diaries is so popular now, after 22 years, is incredible. Don't be confused if you read the books. The story line found in the book series is different from that of the show, which really doesn't bother me. Some characters have been added to the story and some have been deleted.

And the cast...well they are all beautiful!

And the show is very sexy. 

Season 1 introduces us to all of the main characters. We also get to know Elena, who is sweet and innocent, as are all of her friends. 

And now, we are about to embark on Season 5 in October. Elena and the entire cast has totally changed. No longer are they innocent and each has experienced things unfathomable to them in Season 1. The Originals have also entered the scene and become such a huge part of the story that a spin off, called The Originals, will also begin in the fall.

If you haven't yet watched any of The Vampire Diaries, don't watch this Season 5 trailer. It contains spoilers. 

As for where I stand on the whole Damon and Stephan thing...I'm totally for Damon. It doesn't hurt that Ian Somerhalder plays a fantastic hot bad vampire!

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