Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Author Media: Newsletter

If you're published, or on your way, having a newsletter subscription on your blog will pave the way for readers to find current and future works. By creating an email list you can send out newsletters when your book is on sale, if you're doing a special appearance, need to set up a blog tour or if you have exciting news to share.

I subscribe to a few different author newsletters. My favorite aspect is being able to see a new book they've written and clicking on the buy link. While I love reading other author's blogs, I don't always have the time, but by subscribing to their newsletter, I'll never miss out on anything new.

But how do you create one? And what incentive can you give readers to sign up?

If you write non-fiction, or deal with specific issues like bullying, eating disorders, grief, you can provide a free article you've written about the subject. Joanna Penn gives readers an author blueprint full of useful tools and tips to boost your marketing.  You can give away a deleted scene, poetry, anything you can think of. The idea of a newsletter is to create a mailing list of people who will be interested in your works. Be creative!

Below are two different mail companies you can try. Aweber will charge a small fee and Mailchimp is free of charge (that's the one I'm testing out).

Do you have a newsletter? If yes, care to share your wisdom? As a reader, what would you like to see in an author newsletter?                    

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