Friday, August 23, 2013

#Keepgoing-- if you love it

Wednesday night I tweeted this:

A lot of people seemed to appreciate the idea, and then one of my awesome CPs tweeted this:

Her tweet inspired me to try to get the hashtag going, and I asked writers to use the hashtag and tell everyone where they were a year ago and what had happened since then. I thought it might be encouraging, given how slow writing and publishing seems to be sometimes, and given how hard we try and how invisible progress can be, to take a look backwards and see how far we've come. For example, here's one of mine:

The hashtag exploded. It trended for nearly three hours. It was amazing to see how many authors and writers and even agents chimed in to encourage each other, and offer encouragement to writers who expressed frustration with a lack of visible progress. I definitely recommend looking up the hashtag on Twitter and scrolling down to see the tweets from the 21st and 22nd. (There are some general encouragement quotes and health-related tweets since then that don't appear to have anything to do with writing, but that's okay! We'll share.) Here's some of what went on:

 Several things amazed me about all these tweets.
  • Everyone gets told no. Even Victoria Schwab. 
  • Progress can be invisible. One day can change so much.
  • Subjectivity-- you've heard it. 
  • Putting in the work and gaining the experience does matter- it's not 100% subjective. Your work will show.
  •  It can take a year or eight years or twelve years to be published.
  • Writing may not be for you. If you don't love it, do something you do love.
  • If you love it, keep going.

And hey, if you feel like your progress has been invisible and you're one of those people who is so close to quitting you don't know what to do, leave me a comment on this post. I'd love to help. It all can change in a day, right?

If you love writing, enjoy the journey. It's work, but we love the work. It makes us better. It sharpens our craft. It gives us common experiences so when it's hard for someone else, we can empathize. It makes us love our successes, because we EARNED them. If you love writing, keep going.


  1. So great, Kate! I didn't realize you started the #keepgoing thing. So glad you did. Such an encouragement.

  2. I saw this hashtag going on, it was great! Lots of awesome tweets. :) Such a great idea. I love how encouraging the writing community is.