Friday, August 16, 2013

New Fall YA TV

With the beginning of school quickly approaching, I thought I'd share some previews for a few new TV shows I'm looking forward to in the fall. 

As a total 80's child, the top teen show on my list is The Goldbergs. New on ABC's lineup, this comedy is about the youngest Goldberg Adam, who captures his family's life with a video camera. The references to the 1980s promise to be priceless!

Then there's the promise of some fantastic TV this fall on The CW. Star-Crossed, which will wait until midseason to begin is about an alien ship that crashlanded on Earth ten years prior. Finally, after all this time, the teens are allowed to attend high school with their human peers. 

I love apacoliptic stories, so I am really excited to see what this show has in store for us. The 100 is bound to be an interesting story. 100 troubled teens are chosen to be sent to Earth to decide whether or not the planet is able to be inhabited again.

I am a sucker for fantasy, with The Vampire Diaries being my favorite show and all, but The CW has a few new tricks up their sleeve. The Tomorrow People may be a remake, but it also promises to become a new favorite. Check out who's playing the lead role!

Reign, a period piece focusing on the teenage Mary, Queen of Scots as she travels to the French court to formalize her engagement to Prince Francis. Once she arrives, though, she becomes part of a web of political and romantic intrigue.

And you all know that The Originals will be a favorite. The fact that the story will have Klaus, Klaus and more Klaus is just what the doctor ordered. I loved when Klaus went back to visit New Orleans last season on The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully, the episodes for the spin-off will be just as good!

I know there are quite a few other shows coming in the fall, like Ravenswood- a spin off of PLL, but there isn't much out there about this show quite yet.

A little fun fact about all of these new shows is that my mom and step-father actually had a scouting agent come to their property a few months back. They own a large farm in PA, which is the type of location needed for a new syfy show. Their property wasn't chosen, rather a farm in a more rural area of NY has become the setting of the new show, but it's still cool:)

Any new YA fall shows I've missed? Are you dying to watch any of these?


  1. I don't often watch TV, but The 100 and Reign look pretty awesome! ;D

  2. Wow, so much awesome sci-fi! Love it! Can't wait to watch :D