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Words With Writers: Q & A with Shane Morgan

Welcome to another installment of Words with Writers! You can check out the last interview here. Words with writers will run every other Saturday, right here on YA Stands. If you're interested in being featured and you write YA, please email jolene dot haley at gmail. dot com. You do not have to be published or traditionally published to be featured! As long as you have a finished manuscript, I count that!

Today on the blog we have Shane Morgan, author of many books including Unresisting, Unfearing, and The Right Song! You can check out her Goodreads profile for a list of her work!

1.How long have you been writing?
I've been writing as long as I can remember. Since I was a little girl, I used to love writing poetry and short stories. I used to cut people out of magazines and create storylines for books (weird I know lol) but my imagination was that great as a child and even bigger now as an adult. I live in the land of fantasy, I guess.

2. From what I can see, you recently published a book “Unresisting” in November 2012. Congratulations! When can we expect the sequel? I see that we can add it on Goodreads already.
Thank you :) I'm currently finishing up the sequel so hopefully by Summer. I've read every single review on the first book so that I can improve the story and characters a bit. I'm excited about the progression and really looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

3. What inspired this series?
My love for fantasy and everything out of the ordinary. I was relaxing one day at home and all of a sudden I began writing. The story came naturally and usually that's how it starts for me, whenever I'm relaxing or caught up in daydreaming.

4. If you could cast from Hollywood, a few people from your book series, who would you choose to play some of your main characters?
Wow. I've been trying to find some actors that could fit the main characters of Unresisting but it's so hard because often times real people just can't fit the role perfectly lol. But if I absolutely had to pick I would choose the following:

Molly C. Quinn as Natasha 
Molly C. Quinn
Landon Liboiron as Chace 
William Moseley as Jesse
Taylor Momsen as Jilli
Grant Gustin as Tate
Amy Adams as Kate Johnson
Patrick Dempsey as Noah Johnson
Liam Hemsworth as Sean Johnson
Johnny Depp as Thorus
Jennifer Freeman as Mahla/Mitzie
Deborah Ann Woll as Zahra
Kristin Kruek as Ophelia
Josh Holloway as Kehr
Pierce Brosnan as Sorvos

5. I see that you love Nancy Drew! Me too! What were some of your favorite book series growing up?
Besides Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys was another one of my favorites. Otherwise, I read a lot of historical romance and family drama. 

6. What makes up a fantastc, swoonworthy book boyfriend? It seems you have writing it down pat with Chace... :P
Someone who has mystery, a wild past, and definitely attitude. Those are the things that pull me in. I tried to make Chace have all three, but I didn't want to leave Jesse out. I wanted to make it hard for myself (lol) and readers to choose between the two because both have swoonworthiness :)

7. Do you have plans for other books in the works?
I always have books in the works. From fantasy to contemporary. I have a ton of stories that I'm working on. Sadly, not enough time and inspiration to get them done. 

8. What is your favorite genre to read? Write? Are they the same genre?
My favorite genre is YA fantasy, to read and write. Because I'm always creating these otherworldly things in my head it comes easier to write about. And I never get bored reading a good YA fantasy book. 

9. What advice do you have for writers?
I'm in no position to give advice as I'm in need of it :) but I will say that there's a writer in everyone that loves to read. Just go for it and believe in yourself. 

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