Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YA Movies & More: The Mortal Instruments

Last Friday evening, I went to see this film I’ve been waiting for since I found out it was being made. I’d bought my tickets early on Fandango so I’d be sure it wasn’t sold out. I double checked our plans with my friend. I even bought extra tickets so we could take a couple teenage girls with us who hadn’t read the books yet, but we were sure they’d love the movie. And the four of us got to the theater forty-five minutes in advance, expecting to see a crowd. But after we’d purchased our popcorn, pop and candy, then settled into our seats, it became very clear there was no need to be that well prepared.

Now, I’ll admit that the theatres in my town aren’t that great. They’re small, a little smelly and don’t have cup holders. Also, Friday had been a very hot day and since we live right next to Lake Huron, I’m sure there were a lot of people out enjoying the sun and probably too tired to go to the show. But for goodness sakes, I did not expect the theatre to be EMPTY!

That’s right, except for my little group and two other girls, we were the only ones in the whole place. I almost wanted to run into the streets and tell people what they were missing out on. I mean, sure I liked the Twilight movies. I thought, for movie productions, they were well done, but we’re talking about SHADOWHUNTERS here. They kill demons and wear black and Jace is one (that needs repeating) and JACE IS ONE.

Okay, so I’ll admit I didn’t see the first Twilight movie in the theatre and I didn’t even read the books until all four were out, but seriously, The Mortal Instruments is leaps and bounds better of a story. The characters are so much more engaging. The plot is so intricate you almost have to read each chapter twice to make sure you didn’t miss anything. And did I mention the main male character is Jace. I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining too much, since we did get the theatre to ourselves, but it was sad that a series I enjoy so much didn’t get a better turn out.

Anyway, it’s actually been several years since I read City of Bones (I very rarely read a book twice), so to say exactly what was different between the film and the book would be difficult for me. There were a few things that stood out, but for the most part, I thought the movie followed the book pretty well. Though, some who have read the story more recently may disagree. However, there was one major plot point that was given away in this first film that was not given away in the book. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but if you’ve read the books and see the movie (which you should because it was awesome), then you’ll pick it up right away. The two teenage girls that were with me (who also loved the movie), didn’t pick up on it at all and I’m glad for that because it will keep them guessing for awhile.

In closing, it really was a very good movie and I will most likely buy it when it comes out on DVD. I’m hoping by the time the second one comes out that more people will be familiar with the story and eager to see the film.

Also, Jace.

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  1. I live in larger area (Raleigh/Durham) and was equally dismayed to find my theater empty when my friends and I arrived. We also had been waiting years for these movies. I had to wait in line over an hour for the first Twilight movie on opening weekend, to say nothing of the massive crowds of the successive movies. At City of Bones I could have had a few rows of seats all to myself. That doesn't bode well. While the movie wasn't perfect, I want them to keep making them. As you say, they have Jace, people. Where were you?