Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inspirational Reading Teens: Holly and Harry Potter

I'm back at school now, and reading is becoming more and more important to my studies. This is a good thing, obviously, because I love reading! It's a good thing I chose subjects that are plentiful for books:

  • English Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • French (French books, yay!)

Now that books are becoming more important in my school life, I thought it would be a good chance to speak to someone else who is a teenager and find out why they think books are so important. This week, I spoke to Holly from Twitter, and she kindly spoke back to me about her experience with books:

"Reading has always been a huge part of my life even when I was too young to read my mum would read Harry Potter to me. From a young age I have always read from girly books to sci-fi novels. Now I am finding myself crying at books damn you John Green. I feel that reading is very important to everyone especially the younger generation. You discover a whole new side to the world through reading books even if that world isn't always real it feels like it is!"

The first point that Holly picked up on is that her parents would read to her, and perhaps not the most childish of books. I have always read older books such as Harry Potter for myself and when I was young my parents would read me books for my specific age group, which I would whiz through quickly with them. I found one of my old school reading logs the other week, and from the age of five or six I would be completing books within a night or two!

When you read older books to younger children, their brains are taking in those more advanced texts and you are helping them, perhaps more that when you are helping them read books for their age group. This is a good thing, and I think parents need to pick up on this technique more!

Another point that she mentioned was that reading is important to everyone, no matter what they are doing at school or at home, but more so for the younger generation such as teenagers. Some teens just don't want to read, however much you rave about a certain book to them. School is the best place to read, because you are... well... forced to. There's no other way to put it. School usually gives you a wide range of books to read and teenagers need to embrace the books!

Another quick point: the most inspirational of books leave you in tears. Damn you John Green.

That's all for today! Thank you to Holly who kindly gave up her time to write the paragraph today!
The Book Critic x

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