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Words With Writers: Interview with author J. Meyers

I love Jen Meyers. She is an incredible writer, a kind soul, and a professional in every sense of that word. Naturally, I hoped that she would let me interview her for Words With Writers, and thankfully, she accepted! Get ready to meet your next favorite author!

Meet Jen Meyers, author extraordinaire. She has several novels out thus far including: 

And her newest:

Q. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn by Aidan Chambers—beautifully written, makes me laugh out loud (and until tears are running down my face) and cry from heart break. Love this book.

Q. Do you have a favorite author?
No. I have many—Colleen Hoover, Victoria Green, Laini Taylor, Aidan Chambers, Franny Billingsley, Sarah name just a few. :-)

Q. You have young adult novels out (Intuition, Intangible, etc.), and also a new adult novel (Anywhere). What’s next on your writing and publishing plate?
I have one or two more books to go in the Intangible series, but for the moment I’m focusing on new adult. I LOVED writing Anywhere—it was a total blast to write something so completely different than what I’d been writing for the past few years. So the next book up is another NA.

Q. Some authors say it’s impossible to choose, likening it to choosing a favorite child. But do you have a favorite character that you’ve written?
I don’t think so. I’ve loved them all. But at the moment I may have a slight extra shine for Asher from Anywhere, but I think that’s just because he’s the latest swoony guy. (And he’s totally the kind of guy I’d fall for.)

Q. Do you have any writing quirks? Like drinking tea, listening to music, brainstorming while standing on your head?
For the Intangible series, I couldn’t listen to music while writing—I needed silence. But for Anywhere I listened to a couple of songs over and over and over again while I wrote. I do drink tea all the time and I have a deep fondness for snacking on chocolate and blueberry Yummy Earth lollipops (seriously, the best lollipops IN THE WORLD).

Q. What advice would you give to other authors?
Self-publish. Seriously.

Q. Your books are some of the most gorgeous and professional novels I’ve ever seen. The covers are incredible. The book are typo-free. The characters are well-rounded. Your books are amazing! What is one of the most important things for authors to focus on?
Professionalism. If you want to put out a quality product, you’ve got to have high standards for your work. And, for me at least, I have to have a hand in everything. I need to check it  to make sure it’s as shiny as I can get it. A lot of thought goes into the writing, the building of the characters and story line. But the same amount of care and work goes into the editing, polishing, formatting, cover design...everything. Every aspect of my books get a great deal of focus because the whole package needs to shine to be professional.

Q. Your new NA novel Anywhere features your main character traveling to Europe. Have you been there? If yes, where did you go? If yes or no, where’s the best place you’ve ever been in the world?
I lived in Germany for 3 years when I was a kid and visited so many different places—Rome, Paris, London, Athens, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, and more. It was an amazing experience. The best place I’ve ever been? There are so many places it’s hard to choose...but as long as I’m surrounded by my family and friends, it could be anywhere. ;-)

Q. How long have you been writing?
Twenty years...but most of that was non-fiction. I’ve only been writing fiction for about five years.

Q. Finish this sentence: If I was not a writer, I’d be:
...a maker of things. I’m a creator, a maker at heart. :-)

Lightning round:

M&Ms or skittles? M&Ms (Seriously, there’s no contest.)

Coke or pepsi? Juice (I’m soda-free.)

Fruit or vegetables? Fruit

Summer or winter? Winter (but really Fall)

Pirates or ninjas? PIRATES (especially if it’s Captain Jack Sparrow *swoons*)

The 80’s or the 90s? TOTALLY 80s because while the fashion was RIDICULOUS, the music ROCKED.

E-reading or print reading? Print

The ocean or the lake? Ocean

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset 

J. Meyers is a total sucker for romance and wholeheartedly believes in love that lasts a lifetime. She grew up in Vermont, spent three years in Germany when she was a kid, and now lives in Central New York. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s chasing after her four kids, exploring the outdoors with her family, baking sweet treats, and forgetting to make dinner.  She is the author of Anywhere, a new adult contemporary romance, and the young adult fantasy series featuring IntangibleImaginable, and the companion novella Indomitable.

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