Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writing Conferences & Fairs: Writing Retreats

Different Than Writing Conferences


Writing Conference: Workshops and speakers addressing various aspects of the publishing field, including but not limited to: writing craft, sharing/critiquing, querying, agents, editors, pitching, etc.

Writing Retreat: Workshops and/or speakers presented on a writing-centric topic and time provided for actual writing during the event. 

These definitions are not stamped in stone. They are my generalizations to help those of you trying to decide which event would be more helpful to you and your writing. I've highlighted a list of writing conferences, small to large, on this blog, all of which usually include key note speakers, panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one pitches, and the like. Today, though, I'd like to highlight a writing retreat - the focus being solely on the writing! Sometimes, it's simply a writing retreat. A group of writers get together and, well, write. And sometimes there is a topic/focus. Sometimes it's a particular group of writers - categories, genre, etc. And sometimes it's as easy as getting a hotel room with a writing buddy or critique partner (like I've done with blog-mate Kate) and writing all weekend with no distractions. 

Next weekend I'm attending an organized writing retreat. The focus? Editing your work. It's hosted by the Colorado Romance Writers group, but it's open to anyone. (Besides, my manuscripts, like most YA, includes romance.) They are bringing in Liz Pelletier, editor/publisher at Entangled Publishing to conduct workshops and consultations. And we'll be given ample time TO WRITE!!!

So, I hope you can see the difference here. Instead of various publishing topics like at a writing conference, a writing retreat is focused on the writing craft. And I'm all kinds of excited to the mountains with guidance but without distractions. 

Below is the info for the retreat I'm attending next weekend. Remember, even if you can't "get away" for a retreat, you can create your own in your home. Invite a buddy over for a serious writing session. Be it three hours or three days, you can get a lot done by encouraging and pushing each other. Happy writing!

Cheerleader out, yo!

Colorado Romance Writers

2013 September Writing Retreat

Adventurous writers from near and far! Members of CRW,  HODRW, PPRW, RMFW, and even those not in formal groups are welcome to join us for a weekend of fun. The only requirement is a love of reading and writing! Your intrepid spouses are also welcome.

Woodspur Lodge

111 Van Anderson Drive

Winter Park, CO 80482-0249
  • Phone: 970-726-8417
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-626-6562
September 26 - 29, 2013 (Thursday through Sunday).
Feel free to come up and check in on Thursday and make it a 4 day/3 night getaway. Or head on up to the beautiful high country and check in Friday and stay just the two nights. This weekend is all about choices!

Guest Presenter: Liz Pelletier with Entangled Publishing
Subject: Editing your work
Liz will be hosting intimate workshops, where attendees will have opportunities for one-on-one editing revisions consultation with Liz.  


  1. Wow, that seems like an awesome retreat.

    Wish I'd known about it sooner, would have totally found someone to go with!

  2. I know. I didn't hear about it until not long ago. I'll attend and report back, along with the dates for next year. : )