Sunday, September 29, 2013

Writing Music: songs that you can use for inspiration

I did a short series of these before, so I thought we could do with another post. Music can be influential in many ways, but I have recently found that music is best at dragging your emotions out of you. It doesn't matter how you're feeling, but one song can remind you of someone, or make you happy, or basically control you in any way it wants to. 

So here is a revised list of songs that can pull the writer out of you, when your inner writer has retreated into the black hole we know as 'writer's block'. 

This list is also dedicated to my good friend, Kendal, who is currently experiencing a block. 

1. Paramore - Part ii

This song is just... incredible. I have no other words. Taken from their new self titled album, Paramore have done it again. People experience different emotions when they listen to this song, so the results may vary. I usually just get cosmic euphoria.

2. Ed Sheeran - Give me love

Ed Sheeran is an amazing artist, and he specialises in singing meaningful songs about love. Hence the title of the next song, give me love. This is one of my favourite Sheeran songs, and it could be used to describe a character's feelings towards another character. 

3. Tich - Kingdom

This girl is new on the block and I absolutely love her! This is an acoustic song that Tich has written, and her voice sends shivers down my spine. Take from it what you will. 

4. Imagine Dragons - Demons 

Imagine Dragons are one of my favourite bands (after Paramore) and I love this song in particular. Demons is about the demons you have inside of you, and how you can't see them, but they are there.

Hopefully this should help you with your writing! If you want any more, or have a specific type of writer's block and need a certain type of song to get you out of it, leave a comment!

The Book Critic x


  1. Great songs! I've been listening to Ellie Goulding, Lonesome Animals, and Milo Greene on my new story and I've gotten so much inspiration! Music always helps me write :)

    1. thanks! Ellie Goulding is a jewel, isn't she? I haven't heard of the rest, but I might give them a try! Thanks for commenting :)