Tuesday, September 24, 2013

YA Movies & More: Box Office Bust

If you keep up on YA movie news at all, then you’ve probably heard that the filming for City of Ashes, the next installment in the movie adaptations of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, has been delayed. As far as I can tell, this delay is due to some issues with the script and the fact that City of Bones did not do nearly as well as the film makers had hoped it would.

There is no telling whether a movie will or won’t do well when it hits theatres. Sure, those making the film can have reasonable expectations based on other films within a similar genre, just as publishers can with books, but no one can tell the future with any real certainty. Who would have guessed that an orphaned boy turned wizard, or a displaced teenager who falls in love with a vampire, would make box office history. When it comes right down to it, it’s all a big guessing game. To prove this even more, while the Twilight movies did very well, The Host (which was actually a New Adult book marketed to teens because of Twilight) did not do well at all in theatres.

The Hunger Games did great at the box office, though I’ve heard that many people thought it didn’t follow the book enough. It will be interesting to see how Catching Fire does now that so many people are familiar with this series. Will it bring people in because the first film was so entertaining, or will it lack luster because readers of the series didn’t like the first film?

I’ve also noticed loyal readers of the Vampire Academy series are worried that the film won’t do well because of how City of Bones performed and that this will mean only the first film will be made, rather than the entire series. I can’t really comment on what’s next for this one, but I do hope the movie does well (and does justice to the book) since this is one of my personal favorites.

I also just discovered that another one of my favorites, Fallen by Lauren Kate, has gone into pre-production. It looks like Addison Timlin is set to play Lucy and Jeremy Irvine is going to play Daniel. I’m not really familiar with these actors, but Jeremy Irvine was in War Horse and did a film with Dakota Fanning last year called Now is Good. The trailer for Now is Good is below and it looks like an interesting contemporary YA story.

As a quick side note, I need to apologize for missing my post two weeks ago. Life has been crazy for me lately, but things seem to be settling down. Canvas Bound is out now and I’m working on book two as fast as I can.

Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of autumn!


  1. I didn't know that about Fallen. I'm interested to see how things go with that movie since I enjoyed the book. I love the Vampire Academy series, but was not impressed with the movie trailer. It looked cheese-y. Hopefully that's not an indication of the rest of the movie.

    1. I'm not sure of the date yet for FALLEN, but they are announcing actors so that's a good sign. I hope VA isn't cheese-y either. *fingers crossed*

  2. From what I've heard, the movie version of THE HOST was just abysmal, and totally left the original storyline behind--I certainly didn't go see it after hearing that, even though I loved the book! I think word-of-mouth goes a really long way with movies.

    The production of Hunger Games is phenomenal, and unlike City of Bones which is, IMO, kind of a cookie cutter YA paranormal/UF, Hunger Games has a much broader appeal.

    1. Yes, THE HOST movie did focus on stuff that I thought wasn't a big deal in the book. And I agree about HG having a much broader appeal. My husband watched it at home and liked it enough to want to see the next one in the theatre, but he wouldn't have been caught dead seeing CoB.