Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ambient Noises While Writing: Does It Work?

I will be honest and say that I have never tried the “ambient noises” trick while writing. Have you heard of this? It seems to be popping up all over the place now and so I can’t ignore it any longer. Multiple writers who I have nothing but respect and love for claim that listening to ambient noises really helps them get in the zone for pumping out loads of beautiful words during their writing sessions.

So far, I have picked up a few popular sites and sounds to trial on my next writing session. These include:

Coffee Shop sounds
Rain sounds:

**These first two I must give credit to Kelsey Macke and her awesome YouTube channel. Video here

Other specific sounds I’ve heard authors reference while writing were:

But we are all different so you can make your own selection with sites and apps like these that offer a wide range of soothing sounds:

Ambient noises for the choosing:

Being that I’ve never tried it, I’m always a bit skeptical. I found this article though that has some research links on this very subject. It seems that ambient noises can make you more productive if you are listening to a quality recording. Some of the apps I have mentioned above came straight from this article as a recommendation of quality sounds that should help you out if you need some kind of background noise to write.

Now, I have not tried this “ambient noise” kind of thing before but I HAVE listened to a lot of classical and instrumental music while writing and that has always put me in a great mood to focus and relax. Media Bistro was kind enough to put together a list of Spotify Playlists for Writers for this kind of easy listening:

Some of my personal favorites in instrumental music are Clint Mansell, Yiruma, This Will Destroy You, Ludovico Einaudi, Ola Gjeilo, James Newton Howard, Vitamin String Quartet, and Hans Zimmer.

You can check out my own Spotify Writing playlist here (it is just a general writing playlist and not specific to any of my own work): Click here!

What about you guys? Do you have certain ambient sounds that you always listen to while writing? Or maybe favorite instrumental or even songs with lyrics? Or do you have to work in complete silence?


  1. The most common ambient noise while I'm writing is my kids yelling "DAD!"

    1. Hahaha :) ..Does that help you write better? (or maybe just faster)

  2. I like listening to Background noise like the TV on some random re-run spree of Family guy or something that I've seen before or don't care much about. I find that when I listen to music, I start listening to the lyrics too much or ... singing badly along. :P
    I haven't tried the ambient noises yet, but I plan to!

    1. Ah, visuals I get sucked into even if I don't really care much for them. I agree though that I start singing along so for the most part, I only can listen to instrumental while I write. But if I start to become too familiar with the instrumental, I start humming it in my head which is almost as bad as knowing lyrics. I'm going to try out this ambient noise thing to see what the results are!