Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Author Media: Little Things

                                              ~Do not despise the day of little things~

Rufus Pompers, a fairly new author, attended his first expo. He arrived full of excitement and intrigue. Large banners of his favorite authors hung on display and free books of all kinds were given away. It pained him a bit, as he wandered around, that it wasn't his name on show or even around.

The expo was the biggest in the city, and while no one knew about his work, he was content to enjoy it all.

But as the day went on, and he saw more authors with their books proudly displayed, he became discouraged and a little dismayed. When would his name be on a big sign? Would anyone care to see him?

When it was time to go, Rufus took his free books home, feeling a little lost and alone.

A few days later, it was time for Rufus to teach a writing workshop at the local library. It wasn't a grand event, or even noted in the paper, but it was a chance to share his wisdom and craft. With hope in his stride, Rufus entered the room, which had been set aside for the day.

There were five children seated.

Five was five less than he hoped and ten less than he dreamed.

The children smiled and waited quietly.

Rufus ignored the fluttering nervousness and the prick of disappointment that gnawed at his mind. He took a deep breath and remembered the why.

Why had he come? To gain recognition? No, not at all. It was of his own fruition.

While the minutes passed, the children listened and excitement brewed in Rufus. They played word games and word puzzles and began imagining ideas for stories. Stories that would be written and put on display.

When it was time to leave, the children smiled, and gave thanks, and asked when there would be another chance. Rufus, smiled, and replied, "Soon, I promise you."

Watching the children wave goodbye, Rufus realized his joy. It didn't matter he hadn't been famous or spoken of online. He had made a difference in five little lives, and to him, that was the meaning of it all.

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