Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pub Life: How Authors Get Paid

I wanted to do a post on how authors get paid because honestly it can be one of the most confusing parts of the publishing process.  Personally, I hate math.  And calculating your earnings as an author can involve a lot of tricky math and a lot of unknowns.  But, I firmly believe that writers should know all aspects of their industry, including the business side.

Here are some great resources written by literary agents and authors that explain advances, royalties, and self-publishing earnings. Obviously there is a lot of variation in the industry, but hopefully these links will give an overview on how authors get paid and earnings are calculated.


All About Advances by Rachelle Gardner
What’s a Typical Advance by Rachelle Gardner
Show Me the Money by Brenda Hiatt
That Thing You Want to Know by Mandy Hubbard


Royalty Rates by Rachelle Gardner


Authors Talk About Money

Ellery Adams Bares All by Ellery Adams
Publishing Money Myths by Jeaniene Frost

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