Thursday, October 31, 2013

SP Library: Destiny by P.T. Michelle (Plus: Happy Halloween + My Love of Gifs!)

Hey guys! We're celebrating Small Press and Self-Pub books again today!


I expect for all you to be living this life tonight:

Halloween is for costumes, traditions, and swoons, right? Today, we're going to swoon over DESTINY by P.T. Michelle. Why? Because it's part of the first series I read that where I knew I was falling absolutely positively in in love with self-published books. Sure, I'd read and loved self pub books before, but this was all a completely different world.  I bought the first book (Brightest Kind of Darkness) because of the gorgeous cover - and it quickly became a favorite of mine.

Opening with a bang. 
A strong, yet realistic to the age heroine.
Literary Lust Muffins.
Complex mythology.
Gorgeous paranormal aspects.

You can see why I love this series, right? 

I sadly haven't had the time to read Destiny yet. Which is why all of you should read it with me. Except back off Ethan ladies, he's mine. (The men can have Nara.)

Blurb: When destiny is on the line, will love be enough to light the way?

In order to save Ethan, Nara gets pulled deeper into his dark world, where everything she thought she knew about Ethan and herself turns on its head. Ethan and Nara turn up the heat with bone-melting seduction and heart-rending moments, but surprising revelations, lies, treachery, betrayal, and unimaginable evil will challenge their relationship and their future together. As the stakes rise, encompassing more than just her relationship with Ethan, will Nara make the ultimate sacrifice?

P.T. Michelle is the young adult pseudonym of Patrice Michelle, author of fifteen romance novels and novellas. When PT isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.
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Are you as excited to read DESTINY as I am?

While we're at it, do you have any great Halloween Self Published or Small Press reads I should be savoring?

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