Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Author Media: Interactive Websites

One thing I'd like to do with my books is create an interactive website. There are many cool things you can do if you have the imagination and the funds.

Christopher Paolini's site, Alagaesia,  has a ton of fun stuff for fans and readers.

  • character quiz
  • interactive map with land descriptions
  • a facebook game
  • an interactive visual novel
  • fan art
  • language dictionary
  • videos

I loved the flow of the site, but there are a few hiccups. The link to the facebook game goes to the page, couldn't find the game, and I needed a java plugin to read the visual novel. It could be that my computer is outdated, but if you're going to have a cool website, double check for any links or apps that may not be working.

Another site I came across is Pottermore. There's a lot of stuff on here that any Potter fan would enjoy
  • a choosing ceremony
  • brew a potion
  • cast a spell
  • sample moments--these beautifully drawn scenes take you through a moment of the story where you pick up items and read more secret writings.

This site took a lot of work and thought. Not all of us will have the ability to create this, but we can take pieces from it and create an interactive site that works for us and our budget.

Right now my interactive site is a terribly hand drawn map sitting on my kitchen table. Now if I can just learn dreamweaver...

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