Sunday, November 17, 2013

Expanding your reading - what can you do?

I thought I would make this post because you never know where you could find the perfect books when you haven't got them at home. I have had a lot of experience with books now and I've realised one important thing... They are so darn expensive. Here are a few tips on some strange places to look for books and why they are good!

1. Your friends

Yep, you might not talk about books and reading with your friends that often, but this is where you find the little gems. Your friends are the book lenders that are going to have about the same taste as you as you are close to each other's age, or are the same age. Ask them if they have bought any new books recently and take a note of the titles they give you. Of you look them up and you like them, ask if you can borrow them! They are bound to let you... That's what friends are for! 

2. Your teachers 

This one is my favourite borrowing tip of all. Your teachers are your primary source for knowledge and you are only going to know them for a few years, so make the most of them! The majority of teachers are really nice and they will talk with you whenever you want. Ask them if there are any fictional books they would recommend for further reading on your subject or just ask about books that would be great for your subject. My philosophy teacher recommends both books and movies to me, and it's a really nice friendship to have. When everyone else thinks I've gone mad for doing extra reading, my teachers are always there to support me! They will most likely lend you their own copies if you are trustworthy.

3. Your grandparents

Other family members are great for lending books, but your grandparents are the best. My nan has really old copies of classic literature on her bookshelf and I love looking at them... Yeah, I hardly ever actually open their pages. Your grandparents are there and they have kept books because they love them and they mean something to them. It is great if you take an interest in what they like!

That's a short post for today, but people don't often realise who or where it is easy to borrow books from. When you can't be bothered going to a library, somewhere closer to home is always there for you. Go for it and ask your teachers especially - they will be so impressed you asked, and even happy that you are taking an interest in their subject. 

Have a good week!
The Book Critic x


  1. Great advice! I'd like to add the library to your list, though. One of my favorite parts of being a librarian is suggesting books based on what readers tell me they've liked. And if, as you say, "you can't be bothered going to a library," most libraries have eBooks that you can check out remotely, and many also have chat options if you'd like recommendations without leaving home. Some libraries (including the one where I work) also have online "looking for a good book" forms that you can submit for personalized recommendations based on your favorite books, authors, or series.
    Happy reading!