Friday, December 6, 2013

Authors Help to Get Books Into the Hands of Teens

Being a teacher and have little money to continue expanding my classroom library, I look for ways to get my grabby hands on free books. There are so many wonderful authors who are willing to send teachers and/or school librarians free books, usually just for sending a tweet to them. Melissa Marr, one of my absolutely favorite authors, just posted on Twitter Wednesday that she has a ton of books to giveaway to librarians or book bloggers. Check out her Twitter feed if you qualify and get more books in the hands of teens!

Today, I want to thank authors Joanne Levy, Claire Legrand and Anna Greenwood Brown for helping me to support the reading of MG and YA books in my classroom, for encouraging my 8th grade students to pick up new books and for showing them such generosity.

1.  Joanne Levy sent me a ton of signed bookmarks, which I gave to my students at the beginning of last school year. This was the first time my students had ever received an autograph from a writer. Let me tell you that this was a HUGE deal to them.

2.  Anna Greenwood Brown sent two of her books to my class, both autographed. How cool are these covers?! The girls freaked out about having modern mermaid tales to read!

3.  Claire Legrand recently send my class these two books, plus enough bookmarks to give out to all 86 of my students. They absolutely LOVE that she autographed each book too! Her bug sketches are priceless!

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  1. That's great! There are a lot of programs that provide books to younger kids, but it seems not as many for teens. Have you heard of World Book Night?