Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hard work and why it pays off

My post is later than usual because The Band Perry have been doing a world tour and they were in England today, and being a MASSIVE fan of their's I obviously had to go. But anyway, they said a few things tonight that got me thinking, and I thought I would share them since they were all about hard work.

"We spent fifteen years trying to get to where we are today" was the thing that hit me the most. The Band Perry are an amazing band, as I have expressed before, but I couldn't imagine spending fifteen years trying. Trying is the hardest part of the whole journey, no matter what journey you are on, and you have to get past the trying to actually succeed. I'm only sixteen, so as you can imagine, I'm having a hard time comprehending how they could spend the entire time from when I was a one year old baby to where I am today just trying to make it in the music business. They have truly cracked the bizz now, but FIFTEEN YEARS?? That's a long time. Especially compared to people that just come into the business 'ready made' and go straight to the top, without trying all too hard. Kudos to them, serious kudos are in  order.

You have just finished NaNo 2013, and whether or not you have a completed manuscript or not, you spent a whole month trying. Kudos to you! You got through the trying and succeeded. No matter how much longer you have to go until it's published, the trying is pretty much over for you. You worked hard and you deserve it. I'm English and don't know the true meaning of the word kudos, but from what I've heard of the word, you deserve a whole lot of it.

I'm sat in the car on the way home from the concert wearing an oversized t-shirt with The Band Perry's faces on it. I think that says a lot about trying. In a few months, or years, I could be sat in the same car with your book in my hands, enjoying it as much as I'm enjoying wearing this darn comfy t-shirt. So folks, keep trying! 

Well done for succeeding in NaNo!
The Book Critic x

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