Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas EVE!!!! Baking is done. House is clean. Presents are wrapped! My kids are 4 1/2 and 14 months, and I can't wait for tomorrow. Normally, I talk about author media, but I have a question I'd like to ask everyone.

What's your Christmas tradition?

As my kids get older I think of traditions and what I want to do with them. The only tradition we have is to open one gift on Christmas Eve. So what about you?  I'd love to hear creative ways you celebrate the holidays.

I wish everyone a blessed Christmas.

And here's my favorite Christmas song! If you've never heard it before, enjoy!

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  1. LOL I remember when my family and I discovered that song. We find it to be quite humorous.

    Hmmm...traditions... Well, even now that I'm in college, my brother and sister get up obnoxiously early and drag me out of bed. And then, because it's still so early, we end up having to sit around for at least another half hour before our parents can be convinced to wake up. Everyone has to go downstairs together in the morning, you see, or else one of us would miss out on the initial magic of seeing the presents. Also--these aren't very intense traditions, but--when we give gifts among our immediate family we still often write "Santa" on the tag, even though my youngest sibling is 16. :)