Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fangirl mania, and why it's healthy

Whatever it is... Sherlock, Doctor Who, books, or a school subject... Lots of people are a fangirl for something in their lives. No one ever talks about the positive side to being a fangirl for something. Most opinions from non-fangirls range from "you should be spending more time focusing on school and less time focusing on that show" to "you are actually crazy... There has to be something wrong with you! It isn't healthy to be this into something." Well, I'm here to tell you that being a fangirl (or a fanboy) is a very positive thing, and why it shouldn't be discouraged.

The main reason is this - being a fangirl just means you are being passionate about something. It's such an amazing feeling, the build up of excitement in your stomach, or as I like to call it "feels". It completely takes over you and you become your passion. 
So wait... I become Sherlock when I'm fangirling? That's not exactly what I mean, although it would be nice to see Benedict Cumberbatch staring at me in the mirror. The passion becomes you in the sense that people can see how much you love that thing from the way your eyes light up and the way you talk about it. If you're not passionate about anything, then you have a pretty boring life. For people like me, whom the real world fails to satisfy sometimes, being lost in a fictional world (or 221b Baker Street) really helps. I'm young so I can't explore the world as much as I would like to right now, and so being a fangirl for something makes me feel like I am travelling somewhere for a while, but I get to come home for tea at the end of the day. Being passionate about something is so fun.

Some of you may disagree with me, and feel free to talk about it with me in the comments, but being passionate about something is healthy. I tend to drift to and from schoolwork anyway when I'm at home, so it doesn't make a difference from when I wasn't part of a fandom. I also have some anxiety issues, and so being passionate and focusing on something really helps. I am passionate about a lot of things: books, blogging, philosophy, Sherlock, Doctor Who, writing, The Big Bang Theory, amongst others. These are my big ones though - the ones I would defend to the grave if I had to. I have been told that my passion for philosophy is unhealthy, yet my Doctor Who obsession is completely normal. 
Is that right? To teach people that only certain things are worth getting excited about and other things are wrong? I happen to be planning my education purely on philosophy, whereas doctor who might end in another few years. Then again, my philosophy career might fall short and Doctor Who could go on for another fifty years. Nothing people love is stupid, unless it's offensive to anyone or could cause harm. Tumblr is full of passionate people who write amazing fiction based on their favourite shows and books, and what they love really matters to them. It's more unhealthy to beat them down about loving it so passionately that they are forced to suppress their feelings and stop loving it.

I really hate it when that happens. When you love something so much, and you are talking about it, and then someone comes and shoots you down and the fire in your belly turns into a different kind and completely drowns you in disappointment. And the people who have just pooped all over your passion sit there and watch you burn. That's the worst. That's unhealthy. You're just making kids who grow up to not be passionate about anything and never make something of themselves because you told them that they were stupid for loving dinosaurs or Disney films or documentaries about badgers. 

On the other hand, you might try and suppress people who completely ignore you and go on to dig up long lost t-Rex bones or make the next best selling Disney animation or discover a new type of badger. Then you'll be the one feeling stupid.

Either way, you can't win against the incredible emotion or "feel" that is passion. Fangirls will have victory! Fangirl mania is healthy. Be passionate!

The Book Critic x

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