Friday, January 3, 2014

Top Teen Reads of 2013

Happy New Year!!!

To round off 2013, I thought I'd share the top reads of my teens. I mean, what books thrilled them and got them so psyched that they stayed up late at night reading?

Here are the top 10:

1.  Allegiant- This one got them all a buzz...I had to constantly tell them to NOT TELL ME THE ENDING!

2.  Enclave (the whole series)- I had one boy who ordered ALL of Ann Aguirre's books after picking this gem up from our library!

3.  Leviathan- One tiny recommendation from moi, and this book didn't hit the shelf before it was checked out again.

4.  The Fault in Our Stars- A true classic, one I warn the kids about before they read. My standing line about this book is, "Make sure you read the ending at home. It made me snot cry and I'm not sure you want your friends to see this."

5.  The Future of Us- Seeing that all 14 year-olds are hooked on social networking, this really holds their attention.

6.  Chains- Because of my reading requirements, I constantly recommend this Laurie Halse Anderson historical fiction novel to my teens. So many have coveted this story!

7.  The 5th Wave- I almost had a riot on my hands after introducing this book to my students. Seems as though some threats were made that it had to be read quickly by the first lucky kid to get their hands on it!

8.  Pawn- I received an ARC of this book and loved it so much I shared it with my class. They were so stoked to read a book before anyone else got the chance! It has changed so many hands that I have no idea where it is right now...

9.  Clockwork Angel- This comes to no surprise to me. I loved this story and constantly recommend my students read this series.

10. Unwind- Okay, this is totally due to my telling a bunch of girls to give a horror book a try. They LOVED it! So, it has become a favorite among my teens.

Here's to great new books in 2014!!!! Cheers!!


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  1. I read Allegiant before my son finished Insurgent. :) I kept telling him he should read Divergent but he wasn't interested in it--until he saw the movie trailer.