Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three books you should read if you already haven't

There are about three books, as I'm writing this, that I can think of that you should probably read at some point in your lifetime. Here they are and reasons why:

1. Of Mice and Men  

You've probably all heard of this book, but have you read it? I read it two years ago and it made me view books very differently to how I did back then. Until then, books were a whole. They were composed of words that sounded clever at times and many words made a book. But OMAM allowed me to view a book as each word being a separate thing, and it was the first book I really analysed so I suppose that helped my perspective of future books. But I think it's more than that... There's something very philosophical about the story and everyone should read it at least once in their lives.

2. Ketchup Clouds 

I read this book a year ago and it still haunts me. There's something very different about a murderer when it's a child. The book is composed of letters to a man on death row from a girl who needs to talk to someone about what she has done, and the letters tell the story. It's a very realistic situation and I encourage anyone who wants to learn a life lesson to read this. 

3. The Great Gatsby

I'm guessing you've all heard of this one! I am currently reading this book, and I have mixed reviews. I haven't included this must-read on the list because it's particularly good - if anything, the other two are far superior. It shows you both how to write and how not to write at the same time. It is a slow plot with repetitive description which annoys me, but then you come across a pure gem of a sentence and it gives me faith in the book. Most people love it, and I am half convinced, so I would encourage you to read it simply because you learn what to put in your own manuscript and what to leave out. It's a great self help book of nothing else. 

Are there any books that you think are a must-read? And do you agree or disagree with my Gatsby thoughts? Let's have a conversation in the comments!

The Book Critic x


  1. ...I've read Mice and Men & Gatsby, but not Ketchup Clouds, however, by the sounds of it, it'll most definitely make my TBR list ;)


  2. I thought TGG was horribly overrated, though well-written. I thought a lot of the storylines and characters' motivations were implausible, and then it ends way too quickly, with neat hospital corners, instead of taking maybe another 100 pages for the reader to figure out what really happened in the whodunnits. And why was it narrated by that bland Nick Carraway?

    I read Of Mice and Men my freshwoman year of high school, in an English class at the 10th grade honors level. I generally liked it, though my teacher that year had an annoying habit of milking symbols for all they were worth. Every single book or story we read was loaded with symbolism, according to her.

    Ketchup Clouds sounds fascinating.