Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing Resources Round-up + Critique Giveaway

I've been looking for a new "topic" to cover here at Pub Hub since I feel like I exhausted all of my solid ideas writing on the music category. A few topics have crossed my mind to cover but none really stuck as something I could keep going for a long period of time. Then, I got an idea while rummaging through my daily emails.

As a writer, there are a lot of resources I am constantly checking in with to stay up-to-date on where the market is going, latest tips on querying or what agents are looking for, or good advice for writers in general. I usually have to wade through my inbox and find the gems that really strike a chord with me or leave me feeling inspired. I figured, why not share those articles, Twitter feeds, blogs, videos, or other avenues that help me along in my journey as a writer?

To start this series off, I want to touch on some of the top resources I consistently go to for help, advice, or just to get a new take on old topics!

Janet Reid, Literary Agent Blog: Also known as The Query Shark, Janet Reid's blog is always teeming with good advice and wisdom. I subscribe to her blog and it is one of the few subscriptions that I diligently read every post! Some is advice while other posts are inspirational. However, no matter what it is, it applies to writing and makes me think.

Writer Unboxed: This blog hosts a wide range of contributors from authors to agents. The articles are always concise and to the point, making them easy to follow and relate to my own writing struggles. I've found many gems in here either from my daily subscription or searching through the archives.

Janice Hardy: The Other Side of the Story is Now: I find this blog to be very helpful, especially the Real Life Diagnostic posts on the weekend. These posts dissect the opening pages of a submitted piece. Janice goes through and shows detailed comments on the piece, including any specific questions or concerns the author had. This is really great to see a break down of such a crucial part of a story, and a wonderful opportunity to submit!

I also wanted to offer up another query + 10 page critique since I enjoyed the last time I gave one out. It could become a monthly thing, who knows! All you need to do is comment below with one of your favorite writing resources. Be sure to include your email or Twitter handle so I can get a hold of you if you win. Extra entries if you follow @Pubhub_blog or @JAWardWrites on Twitter as well! I will pull a winner and announce the winner on my next post (March 30th)


  1. I am already following two of your mentioned resources and I just signed up for the third, thank you.
    One of my favorites is Writer's Helping Writers,

  2. I love
    I return to it all the time

  3. Since I had only 2 comments, I'm going to give away my critique to both participants! :) I will email you with details! Thanks for commenting!