Friday, April 25, 2014

Author Festivals

I live in Pennsylvania, which rarely has an author event close enough for me to drive to.  I've been lucky enough to attend single author signings at Doylestown Book Shop, but most of multiple author events are held in Philadelphia--or even further away in New York.

So, when a special event like YA Fest is being held in Easton, PA...I'm there!

Author events are so important. Not only are you able to meet these wonderful story tellers, but I ALWAYS find a book or author I've never heard of. I broaden my horizons.

Even though I cannot possibly purchase every book each author represents, it's fun just talking to writers. This time, I was able to thank Anne Greenwood Brown for sending my classroom her books Lies Beneath and Deep Betrayal. I mean, she's the sweetest!

Next up for me? BEA! I can't wait to get back to the city and meet more authors, bloggers, and industry professionals.

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