Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Which I Bid Pub Hub a Fond Farewell as a Regular Blogger

For those who've read my posts over the past year or so, you might have noticed that last time around I considered the problem of writing time--how to find it, specifically. As that post indicated, a number of recent circumstances have been making it harder and harder for me to find that time.

And this has become particularly problematic now that--good news!--my editor wants to see the second book in my series. I don't have an offer yet, but I have interest, and that's great--if I can find the time to work on the manuscript.

Writing time is precious, and like all precious things, it's fragile and easily lost. Too many other things can get in the way.

And so, I've decided that I need to scale back on the numerous commitments I've made since signing my contract for my debut novel. And one of those commitments is my bi-weekly posts for Pub Hub.

So this is it, folks: my final regular post on this site.

I've loved blogging here. Pub Hub is a great community of writers and readers, and I'll be checking back in regularly to read what others have written. I want to thank all my fellow bloggers for welcoming me, and especially the amazing Kate Brauning for inviting me to join. As the only regular male blogger on the site, it's been an awesome experience to be "one of the girls."

If you'd still like to follow my writing, you can always check out my personal blog, YA Guy, or find me via my website or Facebook.

Thanks for everything, Pub Hub! I've gained so much from this experience, and for that I'll always be grateful.

Now, back to my writing!


  1. You'll be missed! Good luck on your writing ventures and congrats on the second book interest!

  2. Dude. Interest in a second book. That. Is. Awesome. Thanks for being the cool guy here and best wishes on your continued success!