Saturday, April 5, 2014

Want A Beta Read? Want A Critique? News and Updates from Pub Hub

Hello, readers!

We love having you visit the site. We really, really do. It's so wonderful to be part of a community that cares enough to comment, share, and give back like all of you writers do so well.

To make sure you're getting the most out of Pub Hub, I want to highlight a few things.

First, look up! See the "Our Beta-Reading Community" tab? There's a whole list of writers who have volunteered their time to offer beta reads for other writers. Check it out, and let a reader know if you need someone to beta read for you! Please follow the guidelines, and let me know if you want to put your name in as a reader, too.

Second, see that second row of tabs up top? Our posts show up on the blog tab, of course, but they're also sorted by category. Want to hear about how bestseller lists work and read up on book contracts and agenting practices? Click "Publishing Talk." Want query tips? Click "querying."

Third, some of you might know I pretty regularly tweet #subtips on Twitter-- advice from an author/editor perspective on writing, revising, querying, and what works or doesn't work for me in pages. As part of #subtips, I've started giving away 1,000-word critiques every Monday. Complete or incomplete, popular genre or not-- it doesn't matter. Follow me there to hear when the giveaways happen!

And finally-- have you seen the "Our Books" tab? If you enjoy our posts, the most wonderful way you can support us is to buy our books and tell others about them.

As always, thanks for reading!

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