Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Author Media: The Interactive Novel

Most of you will remember the original interactive novels: Choose Your Own Adventure. I am a huge fan of the genre. The books may have died out, but not the idea. Roleplaying, whether in a book or a game, exists and it's taking over.

An interactive novel is a story that gives you control. Choose the wrong path, and you'll be dead by page eight. With apps popping up all over, it only makes sense that companies will jump on the interactive novel. You have popular visual novel apps like the Shall We Date series by Solmare that introduce people to a different story experience. If otome is your thing, here's a link to the top 50 stories.

Then you have full text interactive stories like A Choice of Romance from Choice of Games. While these don't have any pretty pictures like the visual novels, they provide an engaging story where you choose what happens next. I've played a few of the stories and they're pretty fun. Choice of Games also allows you to create your own story and submit it to them. You can download their script program and use it to create your own Choose Your Own Adventure.

While this trailer is a little old, I had no idea DC had dipped into the interactive novel pool. Check out this trailer for Batman Arkham Origins Interactive Graphic Novel.

I hope to see more visual novels, more interactive stories, illustrated or not. What about you? Are you a fan of the interactive novel?

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