Friday, May 9, 2014

BEA Bucket List

I am super excited to spend some quality time in NYC and BEA gives me a great excuse to do some new things. I know I can't possibly visit everything on my list, but I WILL get to a few special places.

Home of the Teen Author Carnival on May 28th, this library is a site to see. I've been here before, but  I can't help but want to see it again.
For those who love macaroni and cheese--this is the place for you. My mouth waters just thinking about the gourmet comfort food I'll get to enjoy here! And I do have a co-conspirator who's on board with trying it out this year!! YAY!

I have some research to do for my WIP and what better way then to visit the coffee shop you envision in your story? I hope to get to taste some of the olive oil bread and a deep espresso!
Can I say, holy mother of cupcakes and sweets???? Their Hummingbird cupcake is the MAY feature...and yum!
The name along intrigues me, causing my creative juices to stir. However, this dark speakeasy offers some great cocktails and nibbles--just what the doctor will order for me after a few long days on my feet at the Javits Center.
Yes, I know this is a relatively large place in NY but I've yet to spend any real time here. I'd love an afternoon just to walk around, see the sites, and visit local haunts.
Anyone else have some exciting plans for the evenings during BEA?

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