Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome New Blogger, Author Nicole Baart!

Hello, readers! It's Kate today. I'm thrilled to be introducing you to our new blogger, a critically acclaimed author who really needs no introduction, Nicole Baart.

Nicole Baart is the mother of four children from four different countries. The co-founder of a non-profit organization and a seasoned traveler, she splits her time between her home in small town Iowa, Liberia, West Africa, and the imaginary worlds she creates in her books. A critically acclaimed author of seven novels, Nicole loves exploring new places, good food, fine wine, and doing anything and everything with her extraordinarily busy family.

As a mother of four, founder of a non-profit, and prolific author, Nicole definitely has her hands full, and she'll be discussing how to balance writing and the rest of life here on Pub Hub on third Sundays. She's represented by Danielle Egan-Miller, of Brown & Miller Literary Associates, and she writes adult book club fiction and high concept literary suspense. Her latest two releases, Sleeping in Eden and Far From Here, have received glowing reviews and are books not to be missed. She's co-written with Glenn Beck, is a Christy Award finalist, and has received a starred review for Far From Here from Publishers Weekly. Her upcoming release, The Beautiful Daughters, coming from Atria in 2015, is absolutely one to watch. Her prose is some of the most beautiful writing I've ever seen, and she can make a moment punch you in the gut, so find her books on Goodreads, get them all from Barnes and Noble, and follow her on Twitter and on Facebook! And please help me welcome Nicole to Pub Hub!

Praise for Far From Here:
"This gorgeously composed novel is a candid and uncompromising meditation on the marriage of a young pilot and his flight-fearing wife, their personal failings, and finding the grace to move beyond unthinkable tragedy. Baart (Beneath the Night Tree) catalogs ample flashbacks with incisive details to develop Danica ("Dani") and Etsell Greene's relationship, making them appear to be the perfect couple: Etsell calls Dani his ground, his center, his home, and she equally worships her "golden boy." In their tenth year of being together, Etsell decides to pick up flights in Alaska, the "place that had been the object of his longing." Shortly thereafter, he and his plane disappear into the Alaskan wilderness, and Dani is forced to come to terms with her fears and grief, as well as the reality of her frayed marriage and the fact that her husband may have been lost to her long before he vanished. Surrounded by a delightful mismatch of the important women in her life, Dani must learn how "to survive in a place between," mired as she is in the unknown: Is her husband dead, or is he simply gone? Baart's mastery of images makes Dani's grief, anger, and self-loathing brilliantly palpable. Pulsing with passion and saturated with lush language, Baart's latest will leave an indelible mark."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Far From Here, Nicole Baart's tale of the certainties of absolute fear and the uncertainty of love whirls the reader up and never lets go."
Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times bestselling author, The Deep End of the Ocean, and Second Nature: A Love Story

"Nicole Baart is a writer of immense strength. Her lush, beautiful prose, her finely drawn characters, and especially her quirky women, all made Far From Here a book I couldn't put down."
Sandra Dallas, New York Times bestselling author of Prayers for Sale and The Bride's House

"Far From Here was a rare journey to a place that left me healed and renewed by the end of this beautiful, moving novel. A tribute to love in all its forms--between a man and a wife, between sisters, and among mothers and daughters--my heart ached while I readFar From Here, but it ached more when I was done and there were no more pages to turn."
Nicolle Wallace, New York Times bestselling author of Eighteen Acres

"Nicole Baart is a huge talent who has both a big voice and something meaningful to say with it. Far From Here is a gorgeous book about resilient people living in a broken world, finding ways to restore hope and even beauty in the pieces."
Joshilyn Jackson, author of gods in Alabama and A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

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