Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life After Your First Novel: Potential New Series

So I've been thinking about what I might want to focus on here at PubHub for a more permanent kind of series. I was doing a lot of "Resource Round-ups" and I think those are still great to do once a month. For my other post, I want to be selfish and focus a bit with authors on how they transition into a new story after writing their first novel ever. Kind of where I am now.

It seems hard for me to let my first manuscript go, and rightfully so, because it is currently in the query trenches and very much still alive in my head and heart. Everyone says to "write something new" to distract yourself from the waiting, but that is so very hard to do.

Also, I keep coming up with new ideas for stories, and a lot of them pull me in totally different directions: a thriller, a forbidden romance, a friendship. So many different themes and genres swirling around in my head make it hard to focus on one, even when I thought I had narrowed it down.

Knowing there are hundreds (okay, thousands) of authors out there who have been through this, I figured it might help me out in the coming months to learn more about their own journey and any advice I can squeeze out of them on what it is like to move onto to The Next Idea.

How do you find that peace with the last story? Do you fear the first novel was a fluke and you won't be able to do it again? How to you ensure the voice and your cast of characters are unique from the other work you have done?

These are the kinds of questions I have as a writer moving on to that Next Idea in the sky. I'd like to start a mini-series asking a few published authors these questions and hopefully they can help me -- and you all if you are struggling in the same boat!

Annnd if no one wants to give advice, I will just throw a temper tantrum at my CPs until they help me figure it out :)

What do you think - do you have any questions you'd love to ask about starting your second manuscript? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I think this would make a great series!
    I blogged here ( about starting the next project and I've come up against a lot of the same dilemmas. Usually I'm lucky, the next love project finds me. But sometimes it needs a GPS.

  2. Oh! Love this idea for a new series! I have run through quite a few new ideas myself--along with making my CPs nuts with the emails of beginnings--but have finally settled on a new WIP. It's slow going, but I hope this new story will be as near and dear to me as the first one:) Good luck querying!!!