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Words with Writers: Interview with author Faith McKay

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Happy Saturday! What is everyone up to today? I'm very excited here at Pub Hub because today we have Faith McKay and she's an author I respect immensely. She has two novels out right now PROPHECY GIRL and LIBERTY BOUND. She's a member of YA & NA horror writer's blog The Midnight Society and can usually be found on Twitter.
one of my favorite people on the blog. Her name is

Let's meet her, shall we?

Interview with Faith McKay

Hi Faith! Thanks so much for being a guest today on Pub Hub. I’m so excited to have you and your novels Prophecy Girl and Liberty Bound! Let's start off with a writing question. How long have you been writing? Have you always known you wanted to be an author?

I used to scribble out pages and pages of loops and then bind them together. I always wanted to create books. People were always trying to turn me into a more respectable grown up who went after careers that had clear paths, but I've been told I'm stubborn. This seems to be the story of a lot of writers, so I have to assume a stubborn hold is what it takes to complete a book.

Are you currently working on a new project?

It seems like such a novel idea—to be working on a project. I recently picked up a binder and a set of five dividers to keep my handwritten notes on my current works in progress separate. Five has turned out to be not enough.

Mostly, I'm working on Brody Undead. Daredevil YouTuber Brody spends her time destroying her suburban neighborhood's dreams, and stalking the secretive family on the border of her housing development.

My husband describes it as Harriet the Spy as an internet celebrity who stalks the Addams family.

Oh my god! That sounds so good! I want to read this now. KTHX. So speaking of books and projects, what book do you wish you could have written?

The Night Circus. I ache when I read it.

Oh! That's on my To Be Read list of books! Can't wait to read it now! So, speaking as an author with two published books under her belt and more on the way, what writing tips or advice do you have to offer other writers and authors?

Fight like hell to stay yourself. Change and grow as a writer, always—but never genericize yourself in order to fit an idea of what you or your work should be.

Do you have an agent? Who is he/she and how was the process? Painful? Painless? Do you have any tips for those who are querying?

No, actually, I never queried. Around twelve years ago (Wow I sound like an adult there!) I was a zinester with a personal website, publishing poems, short stories, novellas, and novels (serially) on the web. I built up a little following and loved what I did.

I strongly believed that e-publishing was the future, and to tell you the truth, I came to this conclusion listening to Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer go on about how much he hated the idea of words on a screen being the way of the future. It seemed inevitable.

Anyhow, everyone told me I was an idiot, e-publishing would never be that big of a thing, and even if it was, self publishing was never going to be a real option. Eventually, I considered that they might be right, and looked into traditional publishing. Tried very hard to convince myself this was what I wanted to do. Problem was, I couldn't. I didn't like the idea at all. I eventually tucked away my stories and went to work writing nonfiction was a business.

And well. Here we are.

Do you have any writing habits/practices? Tea and music? Silence?

I have to write with headphones on. I think it's so I can't hear when I start reading outloud.

Nice! I can write just about any way, but I love my headphones too. Who is your favorite book villain?

Professor Umbridge.

Ughhh. I hate her! And love to hate her...everything that a villain should make you feel! So speaking of words on screen, which novel would you love to see made into a movie (other than your own)?

Something awful. I'm afraid of my favorites being adapted. The Harry Potter films are AMAZING, but mostly, I live in fear of Hollywood changing the way I see my favorite books in my mind.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by The Beatles. (Life goes on, hey!)

Tell us about The Stroke of Midnight! Looks like a fantastic compilation! What is your story?

The Stroke of Midnight is a free compilation of short stories, telling tales of supernatural folks celebrating New Years. My story is smack dab in the middle. "More Glitter" is the story of a recovering anorexic, recovering witch, who has just been dumped by a total asshole. It's all about magic and female friendships and hope. And glitter.

Ohhh, I love it. Hear that people? It's FREE. Go download it here. I just did. Plus, I'm a sucker for glitter. Now, tell us about the Lacuna Valley series, Prophecy Girl and Liberty Bound. Both are fantastic reads. What inspired you to write this series? What’s next for Sam?

I had written a dozen stories about families dealing with child abuse, and none of them were quite right. When I finally started what would become Prophecy Girl, I was trying to write a stand alone novel. It sucked.

Lacuna Valley is a fictional series—I mean, it's paranormal—but a lot of pieces are pulled from my own life. I lived in a small town with a Western theme, and a very fertile population of deer. I survived a childhood of abuse. I went to a high school with a crosswalk that led off into a field of cows and had a "No Hunting" sign out front.

What originally started the series was a scene in Prophecy Girl where Sam first sees the seasonals, the supernatural race I created for this series. There is a group of deer on an icy bridge, huddled like a team of football players. And then, well, not to spoil things, but then there's one less deer.

"What was that?" she managed to ask.
"That was Charlie."
"I don't think you understand the question."

I'm working on the final Lacuna Valley novel right now. Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) was worse for Sam than Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1) but it will of course have been easier than book three. She's spent all of this time protecting her incredibly powerful little sister. The most annoying thing about little sisters is that they have minds of their own.

Nice! Well, speaking of someone who has read Prophecy Girl, I thought it was a fantastic read! I can't wait to keep going!

Lightning round: Which do you prefer?

Beach or Mountains? 


Coke or Pepsi? 


Sunrise or Sunset?


Coffee or tea? 

Neither! Water, soda, juice.

Cake or cookies? 

Neither. I like salty things.

Las Vegas or Los Angeles? 

Vegas. But to be fair, I haven't been to LA.

Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? 

Cinderella. I hadn't read or seen Sleeping Beauty until this year, when I started on a retelling of it. I've come to really love it, but Cinderella was my childhood favorite.

Hermione Granger or Harry Potter? 

Hermione beats everyone.

Lions or Tigers? 


Pirates or Ninjas? Pirate-ninjas?  


About Faith McKay

Faith McKay writes stories about characters with real world struggles in otherworldly settings. She is the author of PROPHECY GIRL, a story where characters struggle with the idea of having a destiny. In comparison, she feels really lucky that her destiny was to struggle with comma placement and be that awkward lady who points out puns at parties.

Thank you so much Faith for being here today! It was a pleasure having you on the blog. I'll be on the lookout for your next releases! 

Do you have a question for Faith? Have you read the Lacuna Valley series? Leave your questions and comments below!

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