Friday, July 18, 2014

Let's Celebrate Our Public Libraries

Summer time is my most productive reading season. The kids and I are home, which gives us the opportunity to sleep in late, have lazy mornings, stay up late, go to the pool, and visit the beach. But everywhere I go, there is at least one book in my bag. Most are from my BEA haul, but others come from my public library--a place I spend little time during the school year. I know, sad face.

It got me thinking about libraries and the fact that many community members are beginning to fight having their taxes raised if it means supporting a public library (I teach in the only district in my state without a public library). My township purchased land over five years ago to build a beautiful new library on. Ground has yet to be broken, because the community doesn't want another tax hike--meanwhile only $14.95 of my tax money currently is contributed per year to the library. I'd be happy to pay $25.00. I mean, that's really all we're talking about folks.

*Off my soap box I leap*

Then I saw these beautiful photos of beach libraries posted by Huffington Post on Facebook. THE BEST IDEA EVER! Here are a few pictures I found online.


Beach Library of Albena Resort in North-East Bulgaria

Tel Aviv

Aren't they beautiful?!


So, how about we support our local public libraries? In the comments below, post a link of your library and for my next blog post I'll share them with everyone. How fun! Librarians, if you have some really cool pics--like the sun setting behind the building or something like that--let me know and you can send the photos to me directly.

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  1. I LOVE libraries!! I am sort of collecting library cards--result of moving frequently. My two favorites so far were in California:
    Carlsbad Library, Dove Branch ( - it has high ceilings, grey-tinted natural light, and is full of a beautiful, echo-y quiet.
    Moorpark Library ( - tiny and cramped, lots of people choose instead to go to the neighboring Thousand Oaks library. But I love the homey feel. When people donate lots of copies of the same books, they sell the extras for money. I love buying used books and supporting the library at the same time!