Friday, August 29, 2014

Closer To The Edge- a Lesson on Regret

Play this video to 75 students over the course of 4 hours in just one day, and you're bound to get the song Closer to the Edge stuck into your head. There is so much you can take from the lyrics, but for me the message is to not live surrounded by regret. Use your mistakes to grow and push boundaries of your dream. Don't live in the past. This is the lesson I taught my 8th graders this week, but it is a helpful reminder to adults too.

Regret should be a positive influence in your life. Take what you wish you would have done and change the course of your life. Live and learn. I'm working really hard at incorporating this into my writing life, as well as my personal one. I'm considering some interesting changes in my life--ones I'm not quite ready to talk about yet--but change is scary.

Writing is scary. Every story an author writes takes a little piece of themselves and essentially shares it with thousands of people. Sometimes, there are positive review and cudos for your story. Other times, we need to fight the demons that threaten to suck us into the black hole of despair. Usually this comes on the heels of negative reviews. Don't lash out, instead--write.

No matter what, don't regret what you've written. There are so many who haven't had the guts to put their pen to the paper like you have. Keep pushing the limits on what and how you write. Have no regrets. As long as you love what you're writing, keep at it. Don't let negative comments or rejection dissuade you.

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