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Diverse Words: July 2014

Diversity is a major topic of discussion in publishing, and so Diverse Words is a monthly link round-up that will highlight some conversations going on in publishing and beyond.

This segment is a work in process, so suggestions are always welcome!

Diversity in Writing

Diversity in Kid Lit has a series of discussions for July about topics surrounding disability and story.

Daniel José Older writes about Snowpiercer and ‘the one white dude to rule them all.’

20 established writers of color give advice to those starting out, over at BuzzFeed.

I.W. Gregorio talks about how she almost whitewashed her own book.

Livia Blackburne talks about coming to terms with calling herself a “diverse writer.”

Disability in KidLit shares tips on how not to write disabled characters.

Diversity in Books

On the tenth anniversary of the Schneider Family Book Award, given to books that “embody an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences,” the Award Jury picked their top ten favorites from those honored.

Sarwat Chadda talks about diversity in children’s books and “why we fight the good fight.”

Renay writes about her experiences reporting on the coverage of women on SFF blogs.

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas on “"Why is Rue a Little Black Girl?" - The Problem of Innocence in the Dark Fantastic.”
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Rose Lemberg talks about encouraging everyday diversity over at Jim Hines’ blog.

When challenged on removing The Miseducation of Cameron Post from their school’s reading list, a school board responded by removing the entire list.

John Chu blogs about ReaderCon and racial micro-aggressions.
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Steven dos Santos talks about diversity in sci-fi and overcoming obstacles.

Rose Lemberg writes on committing to diversity of theme and voice as an editor.

Diversity Outside Story

Jacob Tobia discusses being a genderqueer professional.

Minna Salami writes about feminism in Africa and how it is largely ignored by western feminism.

Jessie Lochrie writes about protecting women by outing online harassers.

Jada Williams, 13, was harassed out of her school by teachers and administrators after writing an essay on Frederick Douglass that drew comparisons between slavery at the current state of U.S. education.

Gregory Allen Howard writes that the recent James Brown biopic has an all-white creative team, and how that isn’t unusual for Hollywood.
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Kelsey Klassen reports on the experiences of people who are First Nations and LGBTQ.
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Lee & Low reports on the lack of diversity in SF/F films.

Tyler Kingkade reports that religious colleges are being legally permitted to discriminate against trans students.

Tunette Powell writes about her 3-year-old being suspended from school multiple times.
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GLAAD reports on the lack of LGBTQ representation in film.

Kameron Hurley writes “On Public Speaking While Fat.”

Frontline reports on the separate and unequal state of U.S. education.

Brittney Cooper writes on Iggy Azalea and appropriation.

Al Jazeera America reports on the working class being driven out of Brooklyn.
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The rate of U.S. unemployment for people with disabilities is rising.
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Jamila Lyiscott: 3 Ways to Speak English

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Stella Young: I’m not your inspiration

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  1. Thank you, Amy! I always love your diversity link round-ups. I loved I.W. Gregorio's post about rejecting herself and Jacob Tobia's post about being genderqueer in the workforce--forced me to consider some things I've never thought about before. Ebony Elizabeth Thomas' post about Rue was beautifully blunt. Thanks for sharing!