Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LitRate: An Online Community for Book Lovers

Everyone loves a good Kickstarter campaign. Here's one with the potential to be a great alternative to Goodreads: LitRate

Here's the blurb from the campaign on the Kickstarter site:

A social media and online cataloging site for readers and book lovers

A site for book lovers, built by book lovers

Imagine an online community put together by readers, book bloggers, and book lovers. You can find books, catalog books, rate books, challenge yourself, and form relationships with fellow book nerds. But more importantly, you can talk to the people behind the scenes and help shape the future of this site. Your say matters, your interests are catered to, and the site is tailored to your needs as a reader. That's what we're looking to create. We want to take this idea, simplify it, modernize it, and ship it out to the world with you.
I'm sure you can already think of a few online book review/cataloging communities, but we're looking for something more -- something better. We want less drama, less spam, a better interface, and developers with a personal touch. We want to give the power to the community. You have a say in what content you see on the site. Sure, the idea has been done before, but we want to make it better.
This is your chance to be part of new social media site, based around your visions and your dreams, because the people who want to make this happen are YOU. We're book bloggers, we're readers, we have books shoved into cupboards next to rice and pasta and plates because the bookshelves are already full. We live and breathe books, and now we want to create a better online community for book lovers to thrive.

Key Features

  • The ability to search for a book and immediately see details about it (cover, title, author, publisher, publication date, ISBN, etc.).
  • Create your own virtual libraries of books. Tell the world which books you own, which you're currently reading, which you want to read, and which you've already read. Tag books with your own customized labels to better keep track of and categorize them.
  • Rate books (with half stars!) and leave reviews.
  • Save reviews as drafts before publishing them
  • Advanced privacy settings for labels, reviews, and accounts.
  • Send friendship requests and follow your friends' updates.
  • Unlock achievements, ranks, and virtual rewards.
  • Keep track of your reading progress and statistics. Plus, compare with your friends.
  • Start discussions on the forum.
  • Customize your site experience.

Ashely is a great designer and super sweet. I hired her to create my new author site http://www.elizatilton.com  and I couldn't be more satisfied. Not only does she have the skills to make LitRate happen, she's got a very clean style, which I love. You can count on Litrate to be sharp!

Go check out the campaign here


  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Eliza! :) I'm on the look out for feature ideas from authors so if anyone has some in mind I'm all ears!