Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Choose...

If you're like me, your TBR pile is HUGE. I mean, the books I brought home from BEA were definitely on my list but since then I've purchased a few new titles (okay, more than a few). My problem is just how can I possible choose between all the pretties? They are all so very tempting!

So many books, so little time! On my bookshelf there are mysteries, horror, science fiction, and fantasy--all so very tempting. How to choose...

I know I'm not the only one to have this problem. So, how do you all decide what book to read next? Do you take recommendations on Goodreads? Are you only currently reading a particular genre? What is it that gets one book in your hand over another?


  1. What I've been trying to do is listen to some on audiobook at work. So far I've found slower books work well, but high miss one part and you're lost lol.

  2. Confession: I read up to 5 books at once.

    Once I've started all of them, the deciding paradigm for which to read _at this moment_ involves a complex algorithm of how I feel, what genre I'm in the mood for, and how good/hooky the books are. Although sometimes I go a few days before picking a really good book back up when something really deep or sad happens. It's my period of mourning.