Friday, September 5, 2014

Self-Publishing and Audiobooks

My commute to work each day is 12 minutes. Short and sweet. It's so short, there are many days I don't even sip my coffee until I get situated in my classroom. My routine is simple, turn on the local radio station and listen to the gossip feature, plus about two songs. I never thought about audiobooks.

by Diana Gabaldon

This past week I won a copy of Outlander from the blog, TGNA, via Audible and I'm so excited! What does this mean? I probably won't listen to this story on my very short drive to work--it would take me forever to listen to the entire book. Rather I think I'll be listening to this at home.

This win comes right on the heels of my CP announcing that the book she self-published has become an audiobook. I never thought this was possible. For those of you as unaware as I was, Amazon has a platform called ACX. It's a marketplace where you can find/hire actors to read your story and sell your audiobook. There is a lot to this, but I'm so excited about this technology. So many readers love listening to audiobooks and now there's a way for EVERY author to create this.

Has anyone had experience with ACX they care to share? We'd love to hear from you.

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