Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome New Blogger, Carrie Mesrobian!

Hello, readers! It's Kate today, and I'm very excited to be introducing our newest blogger here at Pub Hub-- YA author Carrie Mesrobian. We're so glad to have her here, and please help us welcome her to the group!

Carrie Mesrobian grew up in Minnesota, where she teaches creative writing at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. Born in 1974, she is half Armenian and half Norwegian and is a former high school Spanish instructor. She lives with her husband and daughter and dog in a suburb of Minneapolis and does not have any notable hobbies or super exciting interests, really. She likes coconut popsicles, Norman Reedus, books, thrift stores, crocheting, and country music. See? That's hardly riveting information!

She's much more entertaining in other venues, however:

Twitter: @CarrieMesrobian

Carrie is the author of SEX & VIOLENCE and the newly released PERFECTLY GOOD WHITE BOY. Carrie's first post here on Pub Hub just went up yesterday, so give it a read and help us welcome her to the blog! 13 Ways of Looking At Your Book Release by Carrie Mesrobian

Praise for Sex & Violence

“Packed with realistically lewd dialogue that is often darkly funny, this is a pitch-perfect, daring novel about how sex and violence fracture a life and the painstakingly realistic process of picking up the pieces. Evan’s struggle is enormously sympathetic, even when he is not.
Utterly gripping.” —starred, Kirkus Reviews

 “A knockout blow of a debut. Powerful, funny, brutal, and true.”Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay

 “As the title suggests, debut author Mesrobian takes aim at big topics, but what she’s most interested in is the aftermath. Used to being the new guy, 17-year-old Evan may not be much at making friends, but he’s great at finding “left-of-normal” girls to sleep with. When he gets involved with Colette, who’s been labeled a slut by her ex—Evan’s jockish jerk of a boarding school roommate—things go very wrong…As Evan heals physically and mentally, he has ample time to consider the part of himself he calls “Dirtbag Evan” and reevaluate his attitudes toward girls and sex. By focusing on Evan, Mesrobian talks about hookup culture in a way that is character-based, not agenda-driven, and showcases a teenager who grows and changes without becoming unrecognizable or saintly. Ages 14–up.”
—starred, Publishers Weekly

Praise for Perfectly Good White Boy:

“An honest, insightful novel about a young man’s final year in high school and his eventual decision, which he initially conceals from his family, to join the Marines.
Engaging, perceptive, witty and at times gut-wrenchingly sad—this is an extraordinary addition to fiction for teens and adults alike.”--starred, Kirkus Reviews "

"Mesrobian deftly conveys just how much drama there is in the everyday, especially for a 17-year-old trying to figure out not just what’s next, but what’s happening right now.” —starred, Publishers Weekly

“Raw and unflinching, this is a skilled portrait of an eighteen-year-old on the edge of making a decision that will shape the whole rest of his life. Carrie Mesrobian is a truly fearless writer, one to envy and watch.”Nova Ren Suma, Author of Imaginary Girls & 17 & Gone

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