Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An "Indoor Girl"

These, my friends, are "Indoor Girls."

Image from The Google Machine. And the 90s.

I am not, in fact, what might be called an Indoor Girl. I spent my life camping and fishing and boating with my family growing up. The following pictures are evidence:

My grandpa kicked ass.

So did this hammock.


However, since those times of fantastic fashion and excessive roasted marshmallow eating, I’ve gotten older. Not old, per se – I’m pushing the middle of the third decade of my life – but old enough that there are things that have gone from FUN FUN OMG FUN as a child to …meh.

For example:


And, in related news, the cold.


Doing stuff

Moving my body in an exercise-like fashion

So, since these things are no longer fun as a rule, I have to put forth an astronomical amount of effort to keep in any sort of shape that is not a ball or an apple with legs. And, at this point, I’m not completely acing that task, particularly because my job involves a lot of this:

And this:

But, that being said, here are two things that are semi-working for me (when I don’t convince myself to not do them) this winter to keep the writing black hole from sucking me into a land of not-moving-anything-but-my-fingers.

1. Daily Burn

Apps. They aren’t just potato skins anymore. Instead, they aren’t always appetizing (i.e. Tinder.) But, there are a handful of apps that I really like for trying to get into shape or remain somewhat healthier than the average bear.

Here is why I like Daily Burn:

1.     You can get a 15 minute workout.  Yep. 15 minutes. I try for 30, but I know that if I’m feeling like a slacker, I can get 15 minutes in.
2.     They vary the activities, so you can do weights or kickboxing or general cardio.
3.     You don’t have to have weights. Or a mat. Or shoes. Really, you just need feet. Maybe not even those.

2. My Fitness Pal

My writer friend, Somer, turned me on to this one. Basically, you can put in your calories and activity and goals and figure out what you should be doing/eating in order to lose weight or maintain your current size and shape.

The best part is this:

Let’s say you want a glass of wine because, you know, life/kids/life/writing/publishing/politics/the world/the Kardashian's/etc. Well, this app will tell you exactly which activities you can do to burn enough calories (150-ish) for a glass of wine.

This is SCIENCE.

*these apps aren’t paying me. But they effing should be.

Look, here’s the thing – when I sit and write and do nothing else, I’m a miserable asshole. When I get up and move, I hate every second of it – but the rest of the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY is so much better. That, and I often come up with some ideas to pull my writing in a different direction.

So, those apps might work for me, but if you have something that works for you, you should totally rock that. Whatever works – as long as you don’t hate every second of the day when you’re done.

Now, here’s some Tony Little for your trouble. You’re welcome.

*All images from Google. Except, of course, for my childhood photos from the 80s.*


  1. Lol! This was a fun post. And great advice! I haven't heard of these apps before. They sound great. Thanks for the tip!