Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Exciting New Faces at Pub Hub

Hello,  readers! It's Kate here today. As you know, we've had some awesome new authors and publishing pros join our blogging staff here at Pub Hub in the past few months, and we've had two new bloggers join this week! I'm so thrilled to have such wickedly talented, passionate people blogging here, and we love the community and discussion you've all formed in the comments and on Twitter. Since we've gained several new faces, I just wanted to welcome the two new bloggers, Saba and Jasmine, and re-introduce the others, just in case you've missed some of them!

Agent Saba Sulaiman and author Jasmine Warga have joined Pub Hub as our newest bloggers! Please help me welcome them to the community! Saba's first post (on magical realism) just went up, so be sure to check that out.

Jasmine Warga lives and writes in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, large grey cat, and rambunctious rust-colored dog. She likes iced coffee, emotive music, and quiet parks. Before becoming a full-time writer, she briefly worked as a science teacher. My Heart and Other Black Holes, her first novel, will be released by Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins in 2015. She is currently at work on her second novel.
Where to find Jasmine: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

and please help me welcome our second new blogger, Saba!

Saba Sulaiman is a literary agent at Talcott Notch Literary Services, a boutique agency located in Milford, CT. She's looking to build her client list in a variety of genres (because that's the beauty of agenting - see website for details.) Captivating storytelling with characters who are smart and wierd adn wonderful engage in meaningful relationships that evolve over time is what makes her world spin. She's an unapologetic advocate for all things Bollywood and she really, really just loves soup.
Where to find Saba: Website, Twitter

In case you've missed some of the new faces, here is the rest of the team who blogs here at Publishing Hub:

Nicole Baart is the mother of four children from four different countries. The co-founder of a non-profit organization and a seasoned traveler, she splits her time between her home in small town Iowa, Liberia, West Africa, and the imaginary worlds she creates in her books. A critically acclaimed author of seven novels, Nicole loves exploring new places, good food, fine wine, and doing anything and everything with her extraordinarily busy family. She's represented by Danielle Egan-Miller, of Brown & Miller Literary Associates, and she writes adult book club fiction and high concept literary suspense. Her latest two releases, Sleeping in Eden and Far From Here, have received glowing reviews and are books not to be missed. She's co-written with Glenn Beck, is a Christy Award finalist, and has received a starred review for Far From Here from Publishers Weekly. Her upcoming release is The Beautiful Daughters, coming from Atria in 2015.
Where to Find Nicole: Goodreads Twitter and Facebook.

Elizabeth Blackwell is a former journalist and magazine editor who lives in the Chicago suburbs. WHILE BEAUTY SLEPT, her historical-fiction reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty legend, was published in 2014 by Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam. When she's not writing, she keeps busy chasing after her three children, buying snacks in bulk, and fighting for a parking spot at her local Target. Elizabeth's work has appeared in several major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Ladies' Home Journal, Parenting, Chicago magazine, and Chicago Tribute. In 2006, she won Harlequin's "Everlasting Love" writing competition, and her first novel, The Letter, was published by Harlequin, followed by The House of Secrets. She is represented by Danielle Egan-Miller of Brown & Miller Literary Associates. 
Where to find Elizabeth: Goodreads, Twitter.

Amy Boggs: Amy is a sci-fi/fantasy geek and literary agent who works at the Donald Maass Literary Agency in NYC. She represents all flavors of speculative fiction, especially
works diverse in any and all respects (see her website for details). She has an unending love for bizarre supernatural critters, in-depth world-building, characters in emotionally dire straits, Megan Whalen Turner, and Reese’s Pieces. And yes, that’s a knitted Dalek finger puppet.
Where to find Amy: Twitter, Website

Kiersi Burkhart: Kiersi is an author and freelance writer living in Portland, Oregon. She has a pet frog named Highlander and a dragon tattoo. Kiersi focuses her fiction efforts on fant
asy and contemporary Middle-grade, Young Adult, and sometimes New Adult. She loves building worlds and finds CIA movies confusing.
Where to find Kiersi: Twitter, Website 

Christa Desir: Christa writes contemporary fiction for young adults. Her novels include FAULT LINE and BLEED LIKE ME. She lives with her husband, three small children, and an overly enthusiastic dog outside of Chicago. She has volunteered as a rape victim activist for more than ten years, including providing direct service as an advocate in hospital ERs. She also works as an editor at Samhain Publishing.
Where to find Christa: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Kelly Fiore: Kelly has a BA in English from Salisbury University and an MFA in Poetry from West
Virginia University. Her poetry has appeared in Small Spiral Notebook, Samzidada, Mid Atlantic Review, Connotation Press, and the Grolier Annual Review. She is the author of the young adult novels Taste Test and Just Like the Movies, both from Bloomsbury USA, and the forthcoming Thicker Than Water from HarperTeen in Winter 2016. When Kelly isn’t writing, she teaches college composition and loves cats, Def Leppard, and spending time with her son. Where to find Kelly: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Carrie Mesrobian: Carrie is the the author of Perfectly Good White Boy and Sex & Violence, published by Carolrhoda LAB. She's half Armenian and half Norwegian and is a former high school Spanish instructor. Carrie's writing has appeared in the StarTribune, Brain, Child Magazine, Calyx, and other web and print publications. She teaches teenagers about writing at The Loft Literary Center Center in Minneapolis. She lives with her husband and daughter and dog in a suburb of Minneapolis and does not have any notable hobbies or super exciting interests, really. She likes coconut popsicles, Norman Reedus, books, thrift stores, crocheting, and country music. Carrie is represented by the very excellent Michael Bouret at DGLM.
Where to find Carrie: Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Website

J. Todd Scott was born in rural Kentucky and attended college and law school in Virginia, where he set aside an early ambition to write to pursue a career as a federal agent. His assignments have taken him all over the U.S. and the world, but a badge and a gun never replaced his passion for books and writing. He now resides in the American Southwest, and when he's not hunting down very bad men, he's hard at work on his next book. His debut novel, Bad Land, will be published by Penguin - G.P. Puntam's Sons.
Where to find J. Todd Scott: Twitter, Website

Eliza Tilton: Eliza graduated from Dowling College with a BS in Visual Communications. When she's not arguing with excel at her day job, or playing Dragon Age 2, she's writing. Her YA stories hold a bit of the fantastical and there's always a hot romance. She resides on Long Island with her husband, two kids, and one very snuggly pit bull. Books: Broken Forest (Curiosity QuillsPress, May 2013).  
Where to find Eliza: Twitter, Facebook, Website 

Kate Brauning: (lead blogger for Pub Hub) Kate is the author of HOW WE FALL, out Nov. 2014 from Merit Press/F&W Books. She's an editor with Entangled Publishing/Entangled Teen, a freelance editor (K&A Editorial), and a YA suspense author. Kate loves unusual people, good whiskey, dark chocolate, everything about autumn, bright colors, red maple trees, superstitions, ghost stories, anything Harry Potter, night skies, pie, and talking about books.
Where to find Kate: Twitter, Facebook, Publishing Website, Author Website

Thank you so much, readers, for being such a great part of the discussion and community here. We love it!


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