Thursday, April 23, 2015

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I read with great interest the other day this blog post   Please Shut Up - Why Self Promotion As An Author Doesn't Work.

With the publication of my first book still a year away, I’ve given a little thought to my responsibility as the author to help publicize it, but I haven’t developed any sort of coherent plan. Okay, let's be honest, I've got no plan at all, coherent or otherwise. I’m aware of cover reveals and blog tours and all that, but how much is too much? What works and what doesn’t? Where is the line between zealous and excited and aggressive and off-putting? I was fortunate to a have a “forward thinking” agent, such that when I signed with her, she suggested I go ahead and get a Twitter account (done), and a  blog/website (done), so that if/when my book did sell, a publicity“infrastructure” was already in place. In truth, though, I have a hard time seeing those forums moving the needle very much, and the last thing I want to do is assault the few nice people who mercifully do check in on the blog or follow me on Twitter with a barrage of “buy me” messages.

And yet, I want to do my part. And when the time comes -- because I am proud of my book -- I want people to know that it’s out there, and I do want it to sell...a lot. To suggest otherwise is dishonest. Although I've always assumed I would adopt something of an attitude of "benign neglect" once it was out in the world (and let the readers have their say on its merits), I've come to realize the book-reading world is a very big place, and its easy for a book to get lost. If I can fire off a flare or three, I think I should.

I just don't want to aim those flares right at someone's face.

I'd be interested in any and all comments. Let me know what worked, or didn't, or what you do differently.

As always, keep writing. 

Best, JTS

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  1. The time before your book launches is your best friend. Be visible, establish your presence on Twitter, Goodreads, your blog, etc. by just participating in the conversation. Network with other authors and bloggers. Invest the time now through authentic engagement and earn the right to ask for the sale. People buy from people they know and like. That's the psychology of selling. Good luck!