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Diverse Words: February 2015

Diversity is a major topic of discussion in publishing, and so Diverse Words is a monthly link round-up that will highlight some conversations going on in publishing and beyond.

This segment is continually a work in process, so suggestions are always welcome!

Diversity in Writing

Kate Elliott advises writing women characters as human beings.

Y.S. Lee talks writing diversity in dialogue.

Casca Kelly Green talks writing a intersex and agender main character.

Tirzah Price discusses about the intent of words and the angry response.

Saladin Ahmed has a video about writing Muslim American fantasy.

Writing in the Margins is a new youtube channel focusing on diversity and depictions of marginalized folks.

Alice Walker writers “What Can the White Man Say to the Black Woman?”

Diversity in Publishing

We Need Diverse Books published their 2014 Report.

Dahlia Adler polled publishing people on which books “get it right.”

Zach Budryk has a list of 6 disabled characters who are more than inspiration porn.

Diversity in KitLit is hosting “Autism on the Page” for April.

Raziel Reid speaks out against anti-gay backlash from his book receiving an award from the Canadian Council for the Arts.
(via Nalo Hopkinson)

Nina Lindsay writes up on the 2015 Youth Media Awards and the reactions to the diversity of the selections.
(via Ebony Elizabeth)

Amy Koester reports on the privilege problems in library selection.

Lee & Low looks at the statistics from CCBC on children’s books and people of color published in 2014 and the problems the numbers show.

Marieke Nijkamp of We Need Diverse Books discusses bringing diversity to children’s literature.

On his blog, Jim Hines invited guest bloggers to share their experiences in representation in science fiction and fantasy.

Zetta Elliott talks about self-publishing as a black author.
(via Debbie Reese)

Michelle Zink talks about the reaction to a young woman saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic over school announcements.
(via Debbie Reese)

The blog Stacked had a series focusing on girls and books: About the Girls.

Taun M. Wright talks about the need for diverse books in non-diverse schools.

Casey Plett talks about cis authors writing trans characters.

Diversity Outside Story

Annika Penelope shares 10 things she wishes she knew when she started her transition.

12-year-old Madeline Messer studied mobile games apps and found that playing as female characters cost players more money.

Torraine Walker’s “Dear Apologetic Racists: Cry Me a River”

Navneet Alang sets out the difference between cultural fusion and cultural appropriation.

#NativeYouth, created by Brook Spotted Eagle, directed life-affirming tweets to Native American youths.

Kris Hayashi talks about how the recent increase in visibility for trans people isn’t enough.

NPR talks about how diversity sells and yet Hollywood is still quite white and male.
(via Christine Buijs)

A DOJ report found the Ferguson police department was institutionally racist. (Link opens video.)

The first #BlackOutDay was March 6, a show of solidarity and community for black people.

Planet Fitness cancelled the membership of a cis woman complaining about a trans woman in the locker room.

Indian Country Today Media Network reports on the Mohawk steelworkers working on One World Trade.

NPR talks about how poor children have fewer opportunities than before.
(via s.e. smith)

Janine Harper and Marc Bushelle did a photo series with their daughter as heroic black women.

Robin DiAngelo is interviewed about how white people react when called out for racism.

Shonda Rhimes gave a speech about how she is normalizing television.

Paul Kitagaki Jr. did a photo series highlighting Japanese Americans who had been forced into U.S. internment camps in WWII.
(via N.K. Jemisin)

Angela F. Chan talks the prison industrial complex in the U.S.
(via N.K. Jemisin)

Politico reports that millennials are no less racist than predecessors; they only think they are.
(via Justina Ireland)

Yesha Callahan reports on the Deadline article claiming too much diversity on TV might be a problem.

Sweden officially added a gender neutral pronoun to their dictionary.

Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” law faced enormous outcry.

WellDeserved: A Marketplace for Privilege (comedy)
(via Malinda Lo)

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