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Diverse Words: April 2015

Diversity is a major topic of discussion in publishing, and so Diverse Words is a monthly link round-up that will highlight some conversations going on in publishing and beyond.

This segment is continually a work in process, so suggestions are always welcome!

Diversity in Writing

The Octavia Project seeks to inspire girls through sci-fi. Go here to read more and donate.

Phenderson Djeli Clark over at Media Diversified has a three part series on “Fantasy’s Othering Fetish” and how to avoid it.
(via Katy)

School Library Journal posts the roundtable discussion of authors talking about faith and spirituality in YA lit.

Marieke Nijkamp talks We Need Diverse Books and writing diversely.
(via Dahlia Adler)

Corinne Duyvis writes on “Narrative Devices and the Autism Voice.”

Andrea K. Höst broke down the characters in her books by gender and got a surprise.

Saeed Jones writes “Self-Portrait Of The Artist As Ungrateful Black Writer.”

Diversity in Publishing

A bookstore owner talks about how to sell diverse books.

Justina Ireland talks about sometimes making the choice between speaking up and selling books.

A report finds that “UK books world has marginalised and pigeonholed ethnic minorities.”

Justina Ireland talks about the problem with “diversity panels.”

Cheryl Blackford points out that all-white male book tours being seen as generic is a problem.

23 Writers with Messages for Straight White Male Publishing

School Library Journal interviews Corinne Duyvis about Disability in Kitlit’s “Autism on the Page” event.

Kaye M. writes about the problems with a ALA Banned Book Week poster and Muslim representation in the publishing world.

Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah writes “The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison.”

N.K. Jemisin talks about the Hugo Awards and affirmative action.

YA authors talk about the problem with “just happens to be LGBT.”

Daniel José Older put together a list of authors of color writing urban fantasy.

Diversity Outside Story

A teenage boy tells his story of immigrating to Italy by boat.

A French student was banned from class for wearing a long skirt because it indicated “religious affiliation.”

Nigerian troops rescued 293 girls and women from Boko Haram.

Protests in Baltimore, USA over the murder of Freddie Gray took a physical turn that residents claim was incited by the police.
(via Rania Khalek)

Sanjay Patel talks about directing the Pixar short film “Sanjay’s Super Team.”
(via Swapna)

Joe Horse Capture reports on problematic exhibits and the importance of Native Americans telling their own stories.
(via Debbie Reese)

Saeed Jones talks about BuzzFeed’s Emerging Writers Fellowship and the damaging effects of unpaid internships.

Bim Adewunmi writes that articles focused on black people shouldn’t be seen as only for black people.
(via Abby McDonald)

Dozens of disability rights activists were arrested protesting outside the White House.
(via s.e. smith)

Taffy Brodesser-Akner talks about living with OCD and the problem with saying “I’m a little OCD.”
(via Sarah LaPolla)

Kel Kray has “9 Ways Intersex Youth Want You to Support Them.”
(via Charlotte Morris)

2014 saw a 400% rise in antisemitic incidents.
(via Jon Gold)

Amandla Stenberg talks appropriation of black culture.
(via Dr. Adrienne K.)

Navneet Alang talks about cultural appropriation versus cultural fusion.
(via Diana M. Pho)

A comic lays out what different people mean when they say they’re not a feminist.

Emmy Scott’s open letter to Netflix and Adam Sandler
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  1. I absolutely love everything Corinne Duyvis says. Thanks for sharing. I was fascinated by Andrea Host's post! Now I want to go look at stories I've written and see if I did the same thing...