Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beware of Snakes

Not a lot of wisdom this time around, I've been traveling all week, plus juggling some house guests. I've started on the revisions to the sequel to THE FAR EMPTY, and I'm wrapping up the copy-edits on that book, as well as (anxiously) awaiting returns on blurbs.

I wouldn't call it a stressful time, but I would call it a busy one. All that being said, a writer's life is always full of small anxieties and worries, and a whole lot of waiting. Given how much time we spend in our own heads, it's easy to start listening to all the voices up there...the doubts, the fears, whatever. And nowadays, where everyone's life is on display via Twitter and Facebook, those doubts and fears and comparisons and complaints can quickly be exacerbated.

Just like I try to manage the amount of negativity I have to deal with in "real life," I also try to consciously manage how much of it I expose myself to on social media. I'm not afraid to mute or un-follow people (yes, even friends and family), who spam me with negative opinions, social/political/religious commentary, and drama. It's not always an easy thing to do, but I think it's a necessary one for my overall mental health and my writing productivity. I do my best writing when I'm physically and emotionally strong (even if what I'm writing is not particularly "happy"), and because I fiercely protect my time and desire to write, I'm quick to weed out anything that undermines that.

Life is hard, and the life of a writer brings its own unique challenges. Always take care of yourself, so you can always take care of your art.

And because puppies make most people happy, here are a couple that hang around my house...

As always, keep writing.


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